These Hair Trends Are Going to be Big in 2019!

Hair is half the battle in owning 2019, so we’ve scoured the runways to the biggest trends shaping hair for the year. Here’s our list to take with you on your next appointment with your stylist.

1. Volume Speaks Volumes

Big is back. This high volume brush back by Brandon Maxwell was inspired by “Texas” and the “all-American” girl. Admittedly it has definitely got that home-town beauty queen flare about it, but that’s why we like it. Fresh youthful tresses with loads of volume and a cut that’s brushed back to better frame your face, it’s time to ready your volumizing products and an exceeding amount of hair spray.

Hair Volume

(Gregory Scaffidi)

2. Statement Pieces

Let your hair do the talking. Loud statement pieces over understated hair and oversized logos and pins against a healthy natural colored weave were cropping up at the tail end of 2018. It looks like the trend is staying strong. Paired with the right elements it’s a chic look that isn’t a lot of effort to keep.

Hair piece


Gold hair pin in curly hair

(Getty Images Monica Schipper)

3. Dirty Blonde

2018 gave us nirvana blonde early in the year and platinum blondes toward the end. With your tips tired of those tough bleaches, the soft dirty blonde is making its way into your hair color palette. These dark blonde shades can have a hint of gold in them and go well with warm skin undertones, perfect for the summer bronze goddess.

Dirty Blonde

(Mateo Scarpellini)

Short Dirty Blonde

4. Messy Bobs

2018 saw a resurgence of 90’s fashion and we don’t see the trend slowing down in 2019.  Try flipped out ends, light frizzes, and blunt shoulder-length cuts, but with a bit more volume than its retro counterpart. Try it with kitten bangs as well to give it an even more fashion-forward look.

Messy Bobs


5. Living Coral

Pantone’s Living Coral is a luscious color worthy of your locks. Described as “peach but not quite,” it is for us a perfect transition color for those who want to maximize what’s left of their 2018 Platinum blond. Choose the range within this coral and strawberry  mix to get that perfect blend

Living Coral
Pastel hair color


6. Long Tail Braid

In case you’ve stored up some length over the previous year, and you’re just waiting on an awesome trend to catch in 2019 then these long tail braids are perfect for those added inches. Sleek shiny hair from scalp to tail, no need for too much of anything else. Plus you get those gorgeous soft waves after you’ve let your hair loose, there just isn’t any downside to this simple but chic look. We absolutely love this trend.

Long Tail Braid


7. Bows

Our girl, Duchess Kate Middleton had sported this chic trend in 2018. An understated black bow neatly in a ponytail over her coffee brown soft curls, it’s dignified yet youthful. Don’t have a bow? Take it a step further by turning your hair into a vertical bow. Clever.

Low bun

(Getty Images Karkwai Tang)

There you have it. That’s our list so far. What do you think about these 2019 trends and which one would you try first?

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