3 Unexpected Styles For Bleached Asian Hair

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Bleached hair is in but you don’t have to look like the rest of the herd. Working with Davines Century of Light we tried a few choice picks exclusively on Asian hair.  As always with our style reviews, we keep it honest. These are not for the bleach shy.

Gunmetal Ombre

Gunmetal Ombre
A delicious blend of  brown ash and the lightest iridescent ash, with just a boost of ash intensifier, it is undoubtedly a standout style. It’s a cool color blend that works amazingly on warm skin tones, like Asian skin. Add a bit of curl, and the look deepens even further.

How do we do it?

Carefully blurring the line between tones, we began the color melting technique closer to the roots, where we softly transitioned from the deep but muted dark pigment to the lighter color on the rest of the hair shaft.

What do you need to know?

Because we’re working exclusively with Asian hair for these looks, it’s important to note that this hair profile generally has a resilient composition. For the same reason, it is strong and shiny, Asian hair is difficult to bleach because the outer layer of the hair is shut tight. To open it would mean your hair will feel different, possibly more course. We advise using bleach that contains a hair protective booster, like the Davines Century of Light: Progress, to ensure your hair is protected even as you move as high as 9 levels up the blonde color scale. Expect to be in the seat for a few hours. Maintenance with silver shampoo is a must if you want to keep any brassiness at bay. After several washes, the color may gradually fade, so expect to touch up your color in a few weeks. As our stylist will advice, perms and rebonds are out of the picture. Hot style with caution and get hair treatments regularly.

Kissed Cinnamon

Not a blonde color? You would be surprised. Bleached at least as few as two tones lighter, we love Kissed Cinnamon , an intoxicating color blend that goes deeper the more you look at it.

How do we do it?

After reaching the ideal lightness, we apply copper blonde color to a most of the hair adding soft gold strands in a diagonal pattern to give it a natural highlight. It is beautiful on fair to cold toned skin and can be adjusted to have even more depth when curled.

What do you need to know?

It can be a quick trip to the salon, depending on your length and color. Opt for an ammonia-free bleach for this look, like the Davines Century Of Light: Tolerance. It respects the hair structure, while delicately lightening and adjusting strands. Best of all it’s easier on-the-scalp. The color is likely to stay longer with a color safe shampoo so we suggest to use a copper or red tone for this. Better still create a mix with Davines’ Alchemic line, were you can adjust it’s pigmented shampoos by mixing copper and red accordingly to better suit your new hair color.

Melted Strawberry

Topping off these delicious bleached looks is our version of Melted Straweberry. A deep golden color with a dash of ash mahogany blonde, it is a gorgeous shade that has a light looking texture and an almost iridescent quality as it approaches the ends. 

How do we do it?

After a round or two of bleach, we apply the blended color to the whole hair, but slightly diluting the ends using a soft melting technique.

What you need to know?

The bleach may take a few hours to set, where the stylist may use a few free hand techniques to create that lighter tone towards the tips. We used Davines Century of Light: Liberty that’s ideal for partial bleaching allowing the stylist to adjust the shade accordingly upon application. As with all the looks in this feature, it is essential to use premium color to ensure that soft shine lasts longer.

Davines Alchemic Tobacco
There you have it, those are our choice picks. Like the look? Book an appointment today at HairMNL Studio 0917 790 4455 / 0908 897 7364/ 02 9781788 and visit us at HairMNL Studio along Brixton St. Kapitolio Pasig.

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