Her and Hair: Celebrating Women’s Month in Style

“And so my story begins, like so many stories, with a woman.”- Daniel Defoe

From the first time she had a haircut, to the many changes she’d face since, her hairstyle has been in lockstep with her story. This March, as we celebrate International Women’s Month, we look to “Her” the every woman, through the spectrum of women shaping style while making changes in their corner of the world.


Anne Curtis

Colorful as her personality, Anne Curtis is not just a pop-culture icon, she is also an inspiration to young filipino women everywhere. A huge advocate for children’s right under UNICEF and her own foundation, Dream Machine, her effervescent style shines in these vibrate tinsel extensions over volumes of sweeping bangs.


Catriona Grey

It’s no secret that Catriona Grey has had her fair share of losses. In the fickle world of pageantry, it’s easy to give up, but she persisted. After narrowly failing to bring home the crown at the Miss World Pageant in 2016, she mustered her metal, and won over judges at the Miss Universe 2018 with her sultry walk and her warm personality. Her chocolate brown locks give her that natural glow that lets her affable style shine.

She is BOLD

Amal Clooney

A human rights lawyer, a mother to twins, and an international celebrity, Amal Clooney is the epitome of grace under fire. Her delicate looks shine amid her bold style choices with warm brunette highlights against an natural obsidian main.

She is Passionate

Lady Gaga

From playing in dingy night clubs in New York to winning a Golden Globe and an Oscar in the same year, Lady Gaga’s passion for her craft has allowed for her to conquer every stage she’s been on. Her uncompromising dedication to perfection and continued mission to break boundaries in style and beauty has given a whole host of opportunity for generations of emerging talent. Seen here in a blue Valentino princess gown matched with powder blue locks, it’s a rare subtle styles that coincide with a growing trend for 2019.

She is You

Michelle Obama

Your natural hair color is just as beautiful as any expressive color you choose. So take a page from Michelle Obama. Being the first lady to a historic first african american president may seem, at face value to outshine any of her successes, but Michelle Obama does not live under other standards but her own. In an interview for her recently released autobiography, “Becoming,” she spoke up about the need to ground yourself in your own truth and to do so by taking charge of your self worth.

Whether you’ll go all out like Anne Curtis or dying it back to basics like Michelle Obama, the choice is yours. So make the hair choice that on your own terms. Happy International Women’s Month!

"Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.” - Maya Angelou

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