The Ultimate Summer Hair Guide: Tips for Different Hair Needs


Summer is here and with it a host of travel plans bound for some sun, sand, and sea. But all these intense outdoor activities can really damage your hair. Luckily there are ways to make sure you protect your hair from the worst effects of the sun, other than wearing a hat.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

You should take care of your hair as much as you do for your skin - and if you’ve been updated on our blog, you’ll know we constantly remind our readers that your hair wants the same things as your skin. Top of that list is water. Drink plenty of water to keep your body and hair well hydrated. Hydrated hair is better protected against damage from the inside, making your scalp and strands much more resilient against the blistering heat.

Hair Masks


Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense Mask


Hair masks are great for regular use and a step up from your daily conditioner. Much like a hydrating face mask, you can enjoy the thicker and richer texture to intensely coat and nourish your strands. These can be used once a week or even more often, depending on the state of your hair, as treatments you can conveniently do at home to prevent your locks from dryness and frizz. Try Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense Mask 200ml to provide exceptionally concentrated nourishment for extremely sensitized or dry hair. We like that it has 2 variants you can choose from to match what's most suited for your hair type - one for thick hair or thin hair. If you get the full ritual this month from, you'll be treated to a free hair iron too! Get it here.

Leave-on Hydration Lotion


Davines The Quick Fix Circle and Davines Naturaltech Well-Being Destress Lotion


Swimming with color treated hair, a hair lotion can prove handy. Apply a few times when needed to keep hair moisturized and scalp protected. These can also come with UV protection that can lock in color treated hair for longer. Try Davines The Quick Fix Circle with Hyaluronic Acid for strong moisturizing power and 100% red clay rich in iron to remove hair impurities and restore body and shine. Combine this with the Davines Naturaltech Well-Being Destress Lotion and you'll get a combo perfect for summer. With the hydrating and protecting mist designed to destress your scalp and hair, you'll definitely benefit from its UV filters that'll help avoid color fading due to sun exposure.  Get it here.

Intensive Repairing Treatments


Olaplex No. 3


So you’ve sculpted your body for months prepare your beach body but forgot to prepare your beach hair. Luckily, there are a few treatments out there that can revive your hair stat. If you didn’t take the time to prepare, there are intensive treatments right for you. From multi-step deep conditioning treatments that liven dull and damaged hair, to keratin treatments that create a protective film around your strands making them stronger - to the highly-recommended Olaplex treatments that repair damaged hair. Have your hair assessed by a professional to know what treatment is right for you. While you can visit a salon like HairMNL Studio, you can conveniently continue with your home treatments too. You're in for a treat this season with a summer-exclusive bundle for Olaplex No. 3 - get 2 for only P4,000 (from P4,600) to help repair damage from any hair type.  We like that it can instantly give you that incredibly strong feeling for your hair even after one use. Get it here.

UV Protection


NIOXIN System Kits


It goes without saying that sun protection is at the core of any summer hair care routine. Get UV protection not just for your skin but for your tresses too. Prolonged exposure to UV light has been linked to hair fall and blocks hair regrowth, the worst of it can be seen in chemically treated hair. If you are treating thinning hair, its a must that you have sun protection and get a leave on scalp sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to protect against sunburn. Try NIOXIN System Kits - a three-part system that includes a scalp protection with SPF 15 sunscreen. It's highly recommended by hairstylists to address hair thinning, but we like that it has antioxidants and botanicals too to help provide a refreshed scalp environment. Get it here.

Beach-Ready Shampoos


Bed Head by TIGI's Totally Beachin' Summer Hair Bundle


Exposing your hair to the elements isn’t just about protecting it against the sun. Chlorine, sea water and sweat also play a role in damaging hair. But you can wash those woes away with the right kind of shampoos aimed at thoroughly cleansing your scalp without stripping away that needed moisture. Bed Head by TIGI's Totally Beachin' Summer Hair Bundle frees your hair from damage brought by the elements. We love their shampoo especially with UV complex that filters and protects the hair against harmful UV rays. Plus its got Vitamin E, it to reduce up to 99.8% of breakage.  Get it here.

Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

Nothing could ruin your Instaworthy selfies more than unruly, sticky hair when under the sun. Good thing it's easier to achieve that tousled beach look now with texturizing mists that can give that wavy volume with enhanced body and shine. Try Davines' Sea Salt Spray, a water-based formula that prevents dryness and won't cause flakes. We like that it can be used for any hair type to get that dreamy beach look in just minutes!  Get it here.


So are you ready for summer yet? With this list you’ll soon be! For a more personalized hair consultation, just send us a message on Facebook or Instagram to get professional advice from our hair experts!

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