Top 6 Hair Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Year

On the hunt for a new hairstyle to ring in the new decade? We’ve scoured the world of hair and have spotted some colors and haircuts that everyone will be raving about. So here are our top trendsetting hairstyles to watch out for this year.
Twilighting Hair Color
#1 Twilighting Hair Color 
“Think brunette with golden undertones, that grows out very nicely” -Harper’s Bazar
We love this color partly because the technique is intricate and not at all so easy to reproduce. If you’re looking for a cross between a soft babylights and ombré highlights, twilighting hair is on a whole other level of subtlety moving from one shade to another. 
The Shag Bob
#2 The Shag Bob
“Soft, textured layering, wispy face-framing and complemented by high-textured and defined styling."- Bustle
Yes, the shag is back and it’s teaming up with the bob. We would be remiss if we didn’t call out model Alexa Chung’s contribution to the revival of the style. The shag has slowly been coming back, and if 2019 was all about blunt lobs and precision bobs, this year you’ll find more jagged ends and layered textures to be totally in. 
Statement Bangs and Fringes
#3 Statement Bangs and Fringes
A fringe doesn't call for a major chop, so you won't get FOMO with your long locks. Plus, bangs enhance your facial bone structure!” -CosmpoPH’
Long and sheer or thick and blunt, bangs are back in style. These face-framing looks have been missed in the last few years, which makes them ready for a comeback. Expect them on bobs or match them on textured shags, like the one seen above on singer and actress, Leila Alcasid. It matters less about the kind and more about how well the bangs frame your.
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Twinning Bowl Cuts
#4 Twinning Bowl Cuts 
“Kenny (Kendal Jenner)  and Cara (Cara Delevingne)  rock some bowl cuts and look about as chic as can be when your hair literally reminds everyone of a kitchen dish.” - Elle
It’s not just the shag that’s making a comeback. CaKe, the combined names of Cara and Kendal have stirred up the styling world when Chaos Sixty Nine released some of their photos for their 2020 calendar. It’s a tough call if the style will take a serious foothold in 2020, as the look is so rooted in the 1960’s. But we think it’s definitely the combined style power of CaKe could lend momentum to this trend. 
Natural Texture
#5 Natural Texture
“Instead of super-sleek, over-styled hair, we're going to see more natural texture, whether that means tousled and relaxed hair or curly and coily hair.” -Who What Wear
Among all the style trends, we’re glad to see that natural texture is getting its fair share of the spotlight this year. Instead of ironing out your gorgeous curls or perming your already beautiful wavey hair, we see a growing appreciation for natural born texture, which means it’s all about healthy-looking bouncy hair.
Vivid Balayage
#6 Vivid Balayage 
“Vivid balayage' is this year's sophisticated take on rainbow hair (and it's so low-maintenance)” - Glamour
People are looking for more color this year but don’t want the added maintenance of it, the solution looks to be the balayage.  A blended technique it’s perfect for those who want to try out the color once but not commit to the weekly recoloring of their roots. An ideal style with transition already embedded in two-toned (and even rainbow) colored hair. 
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