Hair Color Inspirations You Can Try Yourself

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We love scouting for the latest color trends, and this season has inspired some of the most exciting hues yet. There are a range of ideas, from dye-dip mulled wine to two-toned color, platinum white and deepest black ink. So let’s check-in on the looks shaping hair this season. 

Dip-Dyed Color

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Need a reason to grow out those roots? Try out Zendaya’s look at the Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere. A balayage of natural meets mulled wine, it’s as though your hair has just been dipped in color as it fades between shades. Plus it’s great so you can enjoy the length of your hair just a bit longer. Visit our special section on after care for color treated hair here. 

Subtle Bronze Highlights

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Youthful and divine, these whisps of golden-bronze highlights create exciting definition for natural brunettes. Starting out as thinner streaks at the top, it is brushed on in larger sections at the bottom creating an almost balayage effect. Care for your highlights with Revlon Professional 45 Days Total Color Care For Stunning Highlights (₱ 995), a  2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free, perfect for those who want to enhance and extend their hair color.

Icy Platinum Blonde

Among all the latest bleached hair styles, the icy blonde remains the strongest contender for top hair color for 2019. Smooth and light we suggest adding a bit of grey shadowed highlights to add even more depth. It’s a heavenly-inspired look that works with extremely straight glossy hair. For more on bleached hair check out our Definitive Guide to Bleached Hair. Make sure you get a purple shampoo to remove yellow tones in your hair like Keratin Complex Blondeshell Conditioner (₱ 1,125), perfect for fragile and brassy hair, while adding incredible shine and smoothness.

Frosted Dark Brown

Instragram Chris Appleton
Chris Appleton, Kim Kardashian’s long-time hairstylist revealed her frosted dark brown hair color and lob earlier this month. It’s a cool shade that just short of jet black. If you want color that catches the light but is still closer to  your natural color, this is for you. Keep your chocolate tones vibrant with Davines Alchemic Chocolate (Dark Brown) Shampoo (₱ 1,300) and conditioner (₱ 1,600), a pigmented line that  intensifying and enhancing natural or cosmetic colour. 
 Davines Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo 
 Davines Alchemic Chocolate Conditioner 
Pro Tip: Some pigmented shampoos and conditioners may stain your nails, consider wearing  gloves first before applying these products. 

Two Tone Hair Color

Although muted pastels have been the next logical step after 2018’s platinum blonde revival, the two toned hair is a growing color trend.  This dual color style separates the hair in thick sections, creating unmistakable contrast. Spotted by Vogue on artist, Billie Eilish, it is a definite shift away from soft hand painting techniques like the balayage. For those who like to switch things up we recommend bright colors form Evo Fabuloso Pro at HairMNL Studio. It is a semi-permanent and versatile premium hair dye that is vegan, so not only is it gentle on your hair but also guilt free. 


Major Gloss

Although gloss is not a color, it’s worth mentioning that all these hues work well with sleek straight hair. Shiny and smooth no matter the color is becoming the essential pallet for most of these looks.  But they all would be impossible to pull of in humid weather without a few handy tools. So maybe it’s time to dust off your flattening iron and don’t forget to prime your hair with some heat styling products. We recommend Bed Head by TIGI Straighten Out: 98% Humidity Defying Straightening Cream (₱ 1,500), that keeps hair straight no matter the weather.
Now that the first half of the year is over, these looks should give you an added boost to liven up your months ahead. We hope you enjoyed the quick style check-in. Let us know by joining the conversation and tell us which style you would go for on our facebook page.

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