Major Hair Lessons Learned After a Year in Quarantine

With life on a bit of  pause, we find ourselves yet again mired in the quarantine limbo. With stricter restrictions placed for our safety, we may be cooperating, but our hair may not. If your hair is showing signs of distress, but don’t have access to a salon professional, don’t worry, there is a silver lining. We’ve been here with you before, only now with an even greater understanding of quarantine care for your hair.  In the last year, we’ve been on the lookout for some brilliant ways people are taking home hair care to another level. We look back at these, together with some recommendations from our special offers, and hope they inspire you through your hair. 
Girl with long hair and facemask

Make Your Hair Routine Your “Me Time"

We’ve seen many inspired ways our hair community has taken to destress. From growing plants, to taking up a new hobby. Taking a moment for yourself to process your stress is a healthy way of calming your mind, body, and hair down. Anxiety is never good for your tresses. Stress hormones can lead to thinning hair, while our stress habits, like tightly tying our hair, can cause strand/fiber breakage. One other way for you to destress is to use your hair ritual as a means to take stalk of the present. 
Looking for a relaxing hair routine? Try Kerastase Genesis, a multi-step anti-hair fall ritual that cleanses, nourishes, and protects scalp and strengthens strands. 

Unlock New Hair Goals with Home Hair Color

Home Hair Color

If there is one person who you can trust won’t let you down, it’s you. That’s the kind of attitude we’ve come  to see in the many DIY quarantine goals. This time around, we want to offer you even better support. For those  planning to color their hair, we say go for it! With the right tools, you can refresh your look that helps revive the spirit.
For hair color that lasts, try L’Oreal Fashion Maji Hair Color Set, P1,899, that contains color, developer, bowl, and brush, for easier application and improved results. Always consult with our experts before you purchase to ensure you’re getting the right shade for your color goal.
Discover a New Skill by Being an Amature Hair Stylist
We are so proud of how resourceful you’ve been during these times. Now you can add hair cutting as one of your newly discovered talents. From trimming your tips to giving your loved ones a haircut, the results may not always be perfect, but the effort is certainly acknowledged. 
Looking for more reliable results? Get the right tools for the job. We’ve got styling and hair trimming tools for him and her that make it easier to style at home. Check out clippers, trimers, brushes, and more here. 

Home Hair Treatments Are Within Reach

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If salon visits were once part of your routine, but are still unsure about going to one at this time, we’ve devised an alternative for you. Home hair treatments are a great way to get what you need without leaving your home. Start by telling us about your hair concern, and together, let’s devise a treatment plan for your hair.
Looking for an effective home treatment for damaged hair? Try Aveda Botanical Repair, a complete line with a cleanser, conditioner, and strengthening mask, it’s meant to provide advanced protection for severely damaged thin and thick hair.
Get the AVEDA Botanical Repair™ Light Strengthening Set, P6,700 now and take home a free Aveda Travel-Size Botanical Kinetics™ Purifying Gel Cleanser.
Plus get free three gifts samples with any purchase of Aveda products*
*Product may vary.

Nature Knows Best with Natural Hair Care Options

In the past year, nature has taught us some valuable lessons, like how important being in the presence of nature is for us. Going out or planning a trip to the outdoors may as yet not be in your plans, but we’ve seen many turn their home into gardens, and their hair into luscious locks. If you’re looking to encourage healthy hair growth by nourishing it at the root, then try Davines Energizing & Stimulating Therapy Set. A natural treatment for seasonal hair fall, helping to thicken strands and encourage healthy hair growth. 
Looking back, we hope you were able  to gather some valuable tips for hair care. As we go through this global pandemic together, trust that our team at HairMNL will be here for you and your hair. 
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