Top 6 Best Hair Tips for Travel Lovers

Are you all set and packed for your holiday vacation? Don’t forget these hair care essentials on your trip, so you can ensure you look and feel comfortable in those holiday photos. Check out our list below. 
TIP #1 
Travel with some clarifying shampoo.
If you’re planning to spend your holidays in front a pool, the sea or somewhere to have on hand. Chemicals like chlorine, or elements like sea salt and minerals from hard water  can dry out and tangle hair, while di-sodium in soft water can make hair greasy and flat. Be prepared for the unpredictable quality of the water with a small bottle of Davines Purifying Shampoo,₱ 1,085 . It will help remove build up of minerals on your hair, balancing it out. Plus you don’t have to use it everyday giving you some serious mileage. 
TIP #2
Bring a hair refresher to the New Year party!
Welcome the new year with great-smelling hair. But smoke from fireworks, general pollution and strong room smells that hangs in the air also hang in your hair. So make sure you have on hand your hair refresher. It’s a quick and nifty way to keep you strands smelling, looking and staying fresh while your out. For dry to normal hair, we recommend Bed Head by TIGI After Party, ₱ 1,500, that absorbs odors while controlling flyaway as it “silk-ifys” your hair. For oily hair try Bed Head by TIGI Blow Out: Golden Illuminating Shine Cream, ₱ 1,500, a deliciously scented hair refresher that helps detangle and keep hair frizz free. 
TIP #3
Keep travel-sized masks on hand
If you can’t live without your hair mask, then a pack or two of a travel sized one will come in handy. Hair masks offer more than regular conditioners, they have targeted results that aim to keep your hair looking its best. For busy itineraries where you are always on the go, we recommend the Davines The Quick Fix Circle, ₱400 . Boost your hair with moisture in just 3 minutes.
TIP #4
Save hair from pillow static
If riding a plane is part of your holiday plans, then this tip is for you. Static electricity from the constant rubbing of your hair against a pillow will cause your it to stick out and frizz. The solution is to keep your hair moisturized with some leave-in hair oil. Carry with you a small bottle of Davines OI Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion with Roucou Oil, ₱ 1,195. Not only does it have  strong detangling and restructuring properties, it also helps to keep hair moisturized enough so that it keeps static at bay. 
TIP #5
Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen
We can’t stress it enough. Even if you’re headed somewhere cold, UV rays can and will damage your hair. So if you find yourself out in the sun a lot during your holiday travel, consider bringing some sunscreen for your hair. We recommend you try Revlon UniqOne All in One Green Tea Hair Treatment, ₱ 950, with 10 real benefits that include  UVA & UVB filters, hair color protection and, split ends prevention. 
TIP #6
Choose your essential styling tools
Commit to a style for the holidays to narrow down which among your favorite styling tools you should bring with you, favoring multi-tasking ones to save on bulk. We recommend  Bed Head by TIGI Joyride: Texturizing Powder Balm, ₱ 1,500, a light to medium control, anti-frizz styling product with a lived-in texture for easier styling. For volume, try L'Oreal Tecni.Art Super Dust Volumizing Powder, ₱ 750, another great product that comes in a small package. It is an easily absorbed vanishing white powder that sops up excess oil, while giving extra body to your roots. 
Want to see more essential styling tools, check out our Styling Selection here. 
Be the pro-holiday packer, and make sure you have your hair care kit assembled and ready to go. With these tips we hope you get to have a healthy hair holiday!
Have more questions about the products we’ve featured? Message us about it. We’d love to help you. 

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