Top 6 Best Hair Tips for Travel Lovers

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Are you all set and packed for your holiday vacation? Don’t forget these hair care essentials on your trip, so you can ensure you look and feel comfortable in those holiday photos. Check out our list below. 
TIP #1 
Travel with some clarifying shampoo.
If you’re planning to spend your holidays in front a pool, the sea or somewhere to have on hand. Chemicals like chlorine, or elements like sea salt and minerals from hard water  can dry out and tangle hair, while di-sodium in soft water can make hair greasy and flat. Be prepared for the unpredictable quality of the water with a small bottle of Davines Purifying Shampoo,₱ 1,085 . It will help remove build up of minerals on your hair, balancing it out. Plus you don’t have to use it everyday giving you some serious mileage. 
TIP #2
Bring a hair refresher to the New Year party!
Welcome the new year with great-smelling hair. But smoke from fireworks, general pollution and strong room smells that hangs in the air also hang in your hair. So make sure you have on hand your hair refresher. It’s a quick and nifty way to keep you strands smelling, looking and staying fresh while your out. For dry to normal hair, we recommend Bed Head by