7 Lessons From DIY Haircuts During the Quarantine

With everyone keeping safe by staying at home, we’ve noticed a growing number of people taking haircare into their own hands. Stuck indoors and badly in need of a haircut, we are learning about the realities and the struggles of life under lockdown. So in the interest of hair education, we’ve decided to list a few things we’ve picked up from everyday people taking on the quarantine haircut challenge. 

#1 No Turning Back Now

There’s a lot of anxiety involved in cutting your hair at home. Hairstylists not only cut hair - they inspect your face shape, cut so that it grows well, and make sure the back looks great even if you can’t see it. For Rocky Ortuoste, a fashion designer, knows her way around fabric shears, it was still a big decision to cut her own hair. Chopping off about 2-inches was bold to besure, but it turned out well, in part because her hair was layered to begin with which made it easier to create a natrual curve to her new bob cut.
Short hairChopping off about 2-inches hair

#2 The Shear Fun Of It 

For hairstylists, there is a huge difference between clippers, shavers, and shears, but for everyone else, it seems they’re all the same. In a post by Clement Huguet, he shares how his wife Ria Huguet gave him a home hair cut using just an electric shaver, mentioning how the crown of the head was most challenging section to cut. Although not ideal, they were both very proud and happy with how his hair turned out. 
Trimming hair at home
Result after trimming hair at home

#3  Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Many men are missing their barbers and have resorted to all sorts of creative ways to get them through this stretch of the lockdown. It’s amazing to see the lengths people will take to give themselves a proper trim. For those aiming for a bowl haircut that is even all the way around, this video posted by Angelo Balajadia, a brand and marketing manager, shows us how his brother took on the style quite literally, using an actual bowl as a guide. 
#4 Oodles of Noodles 

Need some practice? Inspired by a post seen on Tiktok, here’s one aspiring home hairstylist, brushing up on her haircutting skills by practicing on some hapless instant noodles. The texture of hair maybe far from noodle but at least you can see if you're able to cut strands in a straight line. 

 #5 A Matter of Trust

We place a lot of trust on our hairstylists, maybe more than we care to admit. But during these “quran-times,” going to the salon isn’t an option, so it seems relationships are put to the test with people asking their partners for a haircut instead.

Partner cutting the hairResult after partner cut the hair

Living in paradise, Fiona Molina, a resort owner in Boracay, wasn’t expecting to be indoors all summer. But with her hair getting out of hand coupled with her sensible desire to be prudent about her shampoo, she decides to ask the help of her partner to save the day. A bit risky, but all's well that ends well. How about you, would you trust your partner to cut your hair?

#6 All the time in the world

Hairstylists are precise and work fast even under pressure. But home haircuts are a different story. Cutting your own hair could involve hours. For Josh Versoza, an owner of a popular catering company, it took a solid two hours for his wife to work her magic on his hair. It might have been long, but it all paid off with these fabulous results. 
Before and after cutting hair at home

#7 Achievement Unlocked

For some, the experience of being at home has opened up skills they wouldn’t otherwise have thought they needed. In a post shared Anne Asis-Carillo, a voice-over artist, she proudly exclaimed “He let me cut his hair! I guess he has a lot of faith in me.” It's great to see how how people are learning new skills and being productive even while in quarantine. 
Learning new skills and being productive even while in quarantine
We are glad to see so many people take an interest in their (and their partners') hair while we wait in hope to be reunited with our hairstylists. We want to thank everyone who sent in their haircut challenge! If you've got a haircut story you want to share send it over and maybe we can feature you at the next quarantine haircut challenge

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