Orange Hair is The New Black! Check Out This 2022 Hot Hair Color Trend

If you haven’t seen one of the trending hair colors these days, then we’re telling you that orange is the new black – literally! Models, actresses, and even K-Pop idols are making a hair statement as they hop on, or possibly even started, the hot trend of getting orange-hued hair. Read on to find out what is all the rage about orange hair and how you can get it too!

What about Orange Hair?

A few months ago, there has been a surge in wearing different shades of red hair, but this time, we’re going for a bit more muted color – orange. From pastel colors to vibrant colors, there are many orange shades to choose from like copper, rustic orange, and many more. It’s all about finding the most flattering orange shade on you to be able to join the trend! Also, here’s a fun fact: Orange hair actually brings out the warmth of your brown or dark-colored eyes.
Jennie, orange hair
Source: Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

Can you get orange hair?

Yes, you definitely can, as long as you’re willing to bleach your hair! Orange is a bold color that would need a light base to be able to make the desired color stand out, or at least showup. So, make sure you have a stock of inspiration photos to share with your hairstylist when you get your hair colored! To help you out on that, we’re sharing with you a couple of other photos to help you figure out which orange shade you’d like:
Kendall Jenner, orange hair
Source: Instagram (@kendalljenner)
Sydney orange hair
Source: Instagram (@sydney_sweeney)
Orange hair with bangs
Source: Instagram (@hi_sseulgi)

How to maintain orange hair?

Aside from using professional hair toning products to keep your colored hair looking brand new, you can also use color refreshing products to make your stunning orange shade stay orange!
Try out the Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask - Copper Glow (₱ 1,199) – this is a zero-damage color-depositing mask that revives and refreshes your hair color while keeping strands silky-smooth and moisturized. Remember that you will only see visible results of this color refreshing mask when you have a faded orange hair color or basically a light hair base!
Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask - Copper Glow
If you’re looking for a plant-based option, then consider the Davines Alchemic Copper Shampoo & Conditioner (₱ 2,900). This duo works best for those who need a quick touch up of their hair color as it intensifies and illuminates your orange shade! The new formulation is also free from silicones, sulfates, and parabens – for healthier and brighter hair!
Davines Alchemic Copper Shampoo & Conditioner
If you are looking to color your hair with any orange shade, then take a salon trip to HairMNL Studio with your hair photo inspirations and we’d be more than happy to serve you and help you achieve your dream hair! Need any help regarding your hair? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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