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Davines Essentials MELU Shampoo: Mellow Anti-Breakage Lustrous Shampoo for Long or Damaged Hair

This strengthening Davines Essentials MELU Anti-Breakage Shampoo 250 mL is made for giving long or damaged hair additional strength against hair breakage. Its formula, characterized by a soft and creamy foam, is designed to gently cleanse long or damaged hair, prevent breakage, and make it shiny and silky.

Products in the Davines Essentials line are all free from sulfates and parabens; instead, they have active ingredients from rare fruit and vegetable strains grown in Italy to help promote biodiversity.


  • Villalba Lentil Extracts - Rich in iron and protein, with low phosphorous and potassium content Lentils are also rich in serine and glutamic acid, the most abundant amino acids in keratin, to help nourish and repair hair. These particular almonds come from the farm of Mr. Francesco Di Gesu from Villalba, Caltanissetta - a Slow Food Presidium;
  • Mix of mild surfactants - to cleanse the hair without making it heavy;
  • Phenethyl Benzoate - for strong shine


Apply to wet hair. Massage gently and rinse. Repeat shampoo application, then apply MELU Anti-Breakage Conditioner.


  • Suitable for everyday use