HairMNL Rewards: The Higher the Tier, The Better the Rewards! Find Out More Here.

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Did you know that there are different tiers to our HairMNL Rewards? Well, it goes without saying that the higher the tier, the better the rewards!

But what exactly makes these tiers different from each other? And how do you upgrade from one tier to another? Keep reading to discover more about the four tiers in the new and improved HairMNL Rewards! You can also check out this cheat sheet below.





Points for purchase

Php 1 = 1 Point

Php 1 = 1 Point

Php 1 = 2 Points

Php 1 = 3 Points

How to Achieve Tier


P5,000 spend in 1 year

P15,000 spend in 1 year

P50,000 spend in 1 year

Discount voucher

P50 off (min. spend of P500) - 5,000 points

P100 off (min. spend of P1,000) - 10,000 points

P150 off (min. spend of P1,000) - 15,000 points

P200 off (min. spend of P1,000) - 20,000 points

Birthday points

+10,000 points

+15,000 points

+20,000 points

+25,000 points

Free products

Move up tiers, earn more points, and get more free products with every check-out!

What are the Four Tiers in HairMNL Rewards?

The four tiers are Welcome, Ash, Silver, and Platinum. If you’ve just signed up for HaairMNL Rewards, then you’ll be automatically placed in the Welcome tier for free, along with getting 10,000 points! But, of course, at some point you’d love to enjoy more perks as you shop, so how can you upgrade from one tier to the next to reap better rewards?

  • To upgrade to the Ash Tier, you must spend Php 5,000 in a year.
  • To upgrade to the Silver Tier, you must spend Php 15,000 in a year. 
  • To upgrade to the Platinum Tier, you must spend Php 50,000 in a year. 

To maintain your current tier, you must be able to spend the required amount within a 12-month period.

What are the Perks for Each Tier in HairMNL Rewards?


Welcome Tier

Welcome to the Welcome Tier! Being part of this tier is a great way for you to start your professional hair care journey while receiving additional perks on the side. For starters, you earn 1 point for every Php 1 you spend on us, and these points can be used to redeem rewards like discount vouchers and free products. Even better, you instantly earn 10,000 points during your birthday month!

Ash Tier

If you spend at least Php 5,000 on HairMNL within a year, then you’re part of the Ash Tier! This tier is somewhat similar to the Welcome tier – you also get 1 point for every Php 1 you spend on us, and you can accumulate points to redeem more rewards like discount vouchers and free products! But, there is one difference in this tier – you earn 15,000 points (instead of 10,000) on your birthday! A perfect chance to redeem more rewards to treat yourself a gift for you and your locks.

Silver Tier

Members of the Silver tier are going to love their new perks. Instead of earning 1 point for every Php 1 you spend on us, you’ll be earning 2 points! When it comes to birthday perks, you can instantly earn 20,000 points! Sounds great, right?

Platinum Tier

Here comes Platinum tier – for every Php 1 you spend on us, you earn 3 points – the highest of all tiers! You can also get the chance to redeem freebies exclusive to this top tier. On your birthday, you’ll be earning a whopping 25,000 points! Indeed, the highest tier gets the best rewards!

Still have unanswered questions about our new and improved HairMNL Rewards? That shouldn’t be a problem – you can easily send us a message and we’ll get back to you! Now, if you’re ready to receive more rewards and get better hair, then sign up now with us!

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