Mark Bautista’s Platinum Blonde Hair is Turning Heads - Should You Go Blonde Too?

Mark Bautista has just debuted his latest hair color on instagram and we are loving it! Very much in line with a white Christmas, the style created by veteran celebrity hairstylist Jing Monis, is an exceptional short cut with light blonde hair that offers a drastic shift from the singer/actors’s brunette hair. Even his celebrity friends are loving it too, including world-renowned Filipino designer Michael Cinco and TV-radio host Tim Yap! So what does it take to get a style like this? Read on to find out. 

Inspired by Mark Bautista’s golden hair and interested to go short and blonde too? Bleaching your hair is a style that you should do at least once in your life. A drastic change from his signature dark hair, getting to this level of lightness means rounds of bleach. Although the processing time is about the same as any other procedure, the great thing is application on short hair is much faster with less ground to cover. Now you know, go call up your favorite salon professional and book that bleaching appointment. Tempted to DIY, remember the best and safest results are done by an experienced salon professional. 



But one thing is certain, if you want this hair to stay in its pristine blonde state, you’ll definitely need a toning shampoo and a damage repair hair mask to keep it that way. Blonde hair needs special care, so make sure you’ve got the tools to keep it looking great. 
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