Hair to Inspire your 2022 Fitness Goals with Ride Revolution

Need an extra boost of fitspiration for your 2022 fitness goals? Let your hair be your guide. Just like finding the right playlist, the right hairstyle can help you focus. So we asked some of our favorite fitness gurus from Ride Revolution about their favorite hairdo recommendations and how they stick to a fitness routine to give you that added inspo.
Katz Salao 
Katz Salao
Energetic, positive and sending good vibes all around, Katz, Salao believes any effort towards fitness counts. So from mindset to her awesome playlist and her hairstyle choices, she thinks every ounce of energy spent on your exercise goals is valuable  ”I used to commit unrealistic hours and end up doing nothing. If I can only do 10 minutes of dancing to my favorite songs, that’s better than nothing! So when it comes to her hair, her style of choice takes a bit more effort but is worth it.
We agree, there’s something about the style that just energizes you. If you’re looking for a style that holds in place, consider getting a hard hold spray. For a clean finish, use a hairspray with a fine tooth comb or a toothbrush to make sure no strands are out of place. For sprays that offer good grip we recommend Davines This is An Extra Strong Hairspray, P1,295, a hairspray with a fixing power that supports the hair all day long, whilst leaving it pleasantly elastic and natural-looking. 
PRO TIP: Mist hairspray in short bursts over your strands a foot away from your head to avoid clumped sections. In this way you distribute the hair spray evenly over your head. 
Bandanas & Brush Backs with Miguel Magat 
Miguel Magat
Miguel is an avid fitness buff who is 100% committed to helping riders achieve their goals. His passion for teaching along with his charming swagger and heart-thumping music will surely motivate you to push yourself in class. When it comes to hair that motivates you, focus is key.  He says, ”With long hair before, I would always wear a headband or a cap cause I don’t like it when my hair goes to my face. With short hair, I would place a little mouse, or wax.”
For scalp protection when wearing a cap or a headband we recommend prepping your scalp way in advance with a hair fall protection like Aveda Invati Men Shampoo, P2,200. With its potent blend of plant actives, it helps clean and invigorate the scalp when massaged in. 
Man wearing headbandMan hairstyle
When it comes to men’s styling while in the gym, try American Crew Moulding Clay, P1290, a concentrated styling product that lets you manipulate hair into any style. The molding clay is also a product of choice for those who frequently engage in sports and tend to perspire heavily.
Plates & Braids with Nicole Te
Nicole Te
Balance is key to getting the best out of your fitness routine, that’s why Nicole Te, an expert on fitness and food believes you should achieve your goals without depriving yourself. “It’s all about making time!” she says.  “It’s really all about making sure you set even 15-20 minutes of your day to get moving. You also need to find an activity you enjoy doing so it won’t feel like a chore.” One fitness hairstyle that gets her motivated is a good set of braids. “My favorite hairstyle has to be hair braided into a ponytail!” 
Blonde braided hair Dark brown braided hair
For tight braids that can last a tough fitness sesh, try applying dry shampoo. It creates good hold and traction for your scalp while also keeping them fresh by absorbing some of the oil when exercising. Try AVEDA Foam Reset™ Rinseless Hydrating Hair Cleanser, P1,900, with its refreshing jasmine scent, this rinseless hydrating hair cleanser is a multi-benefit scalp and hair leave-in treatment product that cleanses and hydrates hair, tames frizz, and refreshes and cools the scalp.
We hope this got you motivated to get moving in the year ahead. Don’t be afraid to get inspired and give your all this 2022. Just know that we at HairMNL are here to help you achieve your hair goals. Message us for pro tips and style inspo you're looking for. Great hair is just a chat away.
If you want to get started on your fitness journey, visit Ride Revolution to book your ride online and enjoy a unique and fun workout experience.

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