Could “Salon-at-Home” Be The Future of Home Hair Care?

In the last year, we have come to reimagine our homes in completely new and innovative ways. We’ve all become home buddies, creating our own Starbucks coffee nooks, work from home offices, children’s daycare, and sanity spaces (with landscaped balcony gardens), all to inspire us during these long lockdowns. But one area may still be left undone for you, your salon-at-home. As your mane authority, we’ve come to explore that space with you. 
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Admittedly, there are a few things you cannot recreate alone, like the skilled craft of your favorite hairstylists or the therapeutic conversations you’ll have with them. There are also machines and chemicals designed only for salon-licensed professionals that you’ll likely not have access to. If you are missing these then perhaps creating a space in your home meant to accommodate salon-professionals is the way to get the best of both worlds. What is even better is that all your tools are meant just for you, making you feel safer and more comfortable.
So what would that nook look like, and what would you need. Let's find out? 

Style & Space

It’s important to define the style of this space. Flip through some Pinterest boards to glean some inspiration and figure out what is feasible for the floor area you’ve settled on. Since you’ll likely be working with treatments, you’ll need to be close to a sink and a water source. Consider unexpected spaces as well like a shaded open area or a garage overlooking your Plantita-designed garden where cleaning up after can be easier. 

Chair, Scents, and Mirrors

White Mirror and chair
Much of the action that happens in a salon is set on a comfortable chair and a spa-like aroma. A swivel chair with an adjustable height can prove useful, while a diffuser or some scented candles can get you into the styling mood. You’ll also need a free-standing mirror to see the overall look and a handy double mirror to see the back of your hair. 

Treatment Boosting Tools

We imagine any salon-at-home space worth its salt should have some treatment tools on hand. Decide on which home treatment you’ll regularly need. For repair and nourishing treatments consider getting a fine mist spray, like Le Couleur Hi-Spray Gun Product Diffuser, ₱ 8,800. This fine mist applicator is designed to easily and efficiently apply hair treatments on your hair, turning them into microparticles that can make it easier for your scalp and hair to absorb. In this way, less of the product will be wasted.
If you’re looking to invest in a machine that’s easy enough to use at home, but yields some great results for locking in moisture, then consider getting a Nano Steam Machine, ₱45,500. Popular in Japanese salons, it’s simple enough to use at home. By using a superheated steam system, it vaporizes water to about a diameter of 0.26nm (nanometer), making it easier to penetrate the hair cuticles. Don't worry, it won't be hot to the touch by the it applied on your hair. This system is widely used in the industry as a disinfection process, sanitizing hair cuticles with the application of steam. 
PRO TIP: Get crocodile clips! Clips can be an inexpensive game changer. It’ll make hair partying easier, which means applying products more evenly. 

Hair Clippers &  Cutting Tools

Although we still recommend getting styled by a salon professional, if you want to learn to cut your hair or it is a service you’d like to extend to your loved ones, then having the right set of tools is essential. 

Using regular scissors can ruin your hair and give you split ends. If you need a long-lasting, lightweight and comfortable set of cutting and thinning scissors then get your hands on the Le Couleur Professional Cutting Scissors at ₱ 2,450 for forming styles, and  Le Couleur Professional Thinning Scissors
at ₱ 2,450 for texturizing.
Did you know…
Cutting hair involves two main steps, the first is to shape the hair with cutting scissors, while the second is thinning it to give it that lived in and natural effect. 
For those who prefer electric sheers, consider getting a self-sharpening clipper with an advanced air cooling system like the JRL FreshFade 1040 Professional Clipper, ₱ 7,800. A cordless clipper, it might be your best bud in acing your hairstyle at home. Made with self-sharpening titanium blades and smart-clip technology that saves battery life, it’ll make men’s grooming a breeze. 

If styling is what your salon-at-home space is about, then consider getting more out of the tools you use to achieve the looks you’ve always wanted. Aside from a standard quality blow dryer, consider having on a handy straight & curl dual flat iron. Although there are many choices, we recommend a dual styling tool that not only styles your hair but has added benefits like adding back some moisture as well. For this, we recommend the Le Couleur Hair Steam Iron, ₱8800. Its vapor infusion technology allows water ions to penetrate the hair, from the tip to the roots, locking in 90% hydration and adding 50% more moisture to the hair, for less damage and breakage. Plus it has a digital temperature setting ranging from 120OC-230OC, making sure you use only the right amount of heat for your hair type.

Interested in creating a salon-at-home space but are still unsure of what to get? Message our salon professionals for recommendations that fit #yourhairstory.
Everyone’s hair is unique that’s why we are here to listen. Let’s help you build your special space fitted with the right tools. Messages us here. 

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