New Frontiers In Brunette Color - Leather Brown, Mushroom Brown, and More!

Looking for a delicious color to set on your strands? Try these trendsetting brunette shades we are totally obsessed with. These chocolate hues are just the right kind of warm tones that can give a refreshing look and works with different types of hair textures. Read on to find out more!
Leather Brunette 
This warm “rust-infused” brunette is perfect to bring out that depth in your style. A beep brunette with hints of dark copper the style looks incredibly natural yet works on textured hair types. It’s perfect for those with warm skin tones as it has that sun-kissed worn-out look you can sport all year round. 

Mushroom Brown

A paler ashier tone, the Mushroom Brown has certainly made its rounds as a trending hair color before. But we can’t get enough of it! Perfect on smooth strands, it’s a no-frills color that adds just enough cool tones to your hair.  The Mushroom-y gray can blend neatly as a balayage with your natural hair color and can transition anywhere between mauve-like pinks and taupe-toned browns. In the hands of the right hair stylist, it’s absolute perfection. 

Toffee Tone with Honey Highlights


With a deep toffee base and honey caramel brown highlights, this shade is a masterpiece in brunette color. It shows just how “not boring” brown can be. In fact, it’s a flattering color that makes skin (and even lip color) pop. You want these multidimensional shades to give your hair contrast. You can even add copper highlights to make strands even more interesting.

How to care for brunette colored hair?

One of the great things about brunette shades is that it’s fairly simple to maintain. The key is holding on to the color and making sure to refresh it between salon visits. Start off with a sulfate-free shampoo like Kérastase Chroma Absolu Shampoo, P1,750. Its got nourishing ingredients to help hold on to color while caring for your brunette locks. Then make sure to condition hair with a color-safe conditioner like Davines MINU Conditioner: Illuminating Protective Conditioner for Colored Hair, P1,295, that’s designed to moisturize strands and help hold on to pigments so you won’t wash pigments away.
 Kérastase Chroma Absolu ShampooDavines MINU Conditioner: Illuminating Protective Conditioner for Colored Hair

Afraid of fading? After a few weeks you may start to see signs of fading, especially for golden highlights. For this it would be best to get a pigmented mask to add back the lost color. Try Wella Color Fresh Mask, P1,199, in Chocolate Touch or Caramel Glaze. These brown 10-minute home pigmented masks are perfect for reviving hair color so you can keep the look for longer. 

Chocolate Touch Caramel Glaze

Brunette is never boring so we hope you get to try these inspired shades too. Enjoy this hair color and make sure you have the aftercare to keep it looking fresh. For more on caring for faded hair color visit our special collection on color refresh here. 

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