Meet the NEW Kerastase Specifique Potentialiste Serum - A Super Serum for a Healthy Scalp

Kerastese Paris
Universal defense serum for an unbalanced scalp helps to create a healthy feeling scalp and beautiful hair. Suitable for many hair types.
Part of the Kérastase Spécifique range is the NEW Potentialiste Serum which helps to revitalize, hydrate, and soothe your scalp.

Benefits of this Hair Serum

Kérastase’s Specifique Potentialiste Hair Serum is a universal serum with antioxidant properties, which makes it suitable for normal, dry, sensitive, and oily scalps. The fast-absorbing gel texture helps soothe and leave the scalp feeling healthy and hydrated, so you can fight against the feeling of an uncomfortable dry scalp!
Instant effect – Potentialiste Serum contributes to scalp comfort by helping to soothe the scalp with a cooling sensation
After 7 days - Potentialiste Serum helps to hydrate the scalp & protect from pollution adhesion
After 1 bottle – A whole bottle helps to balance, stimulate & revitalize the scalp to potentialize the beauty of your hair
Hydrates hair, revitalizes hair and rebalances scalps

Discover the Ingredients

Prebiotics – 10% Bifidus - Helps to protect and fortify microbiomes against daily external stressors
Vitamin C - Helps to neutralize the effects of daily aggressors responsible for unhealthy hair
This hair serum is also free of sulfates, parabens, and silicons, which makes it even healthier for the scalp and the environment!

How to Use the Hair Serum

The recommended application of this hair serum is to use it daily either in the morning or before going to bed. Once you see and feel great results after 3 weeks of using it on a daily basis, you can then transition the application to 3 times per week. 
Apply 3 doses on the scalp, section by section. 1 dose = 1 pipette until the mark. Make sure to apply the serum on a dry or towel-dried scalp! Do not rinse your scalp and hair after application.

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