4 Reasons to Invest in AVEDA’s Vegan Hair Repair

100% vegan ingredients
We all want healthy-looking hair that’s soft, strong, and shiny. But when selecting a strengthening hair care solution, you shouldn’t have to make essential compromises. Using 100% vegan ingredients, AVEDA’s bond-building Botanical Repair™ Hair Care collection delivers stronger, healthier strands—no sacrifices necessary. Ahead, here are 4 reasons why you should invest in vegan hair repair. 

#1: To experience the innovation of biotech beauty

Biotech beauty is driving an exciting era of hair care formulation. But what does “biotech beauty” even mean, anyway?
Biotech beauty describes the blending of science and nature to drive innovation. More specifically, it’s the practice of using molecular science to recreate plant molecules. In doing so, chemists can sustainably harvest a selected plant plus safely isolate its benefits.
The bond-building technology that powers Botanical Repair™ was developed using cutting-edge botanical research. This innovative plant molecule penetrates deep within the hair cortex to build new hair bonds, strengthening strands from within. The result is healthier hair for you—and a brighter future for the planet. 

#2: To discover award-winning hair care

When choosing a vegan hair care solution, you should never have to worry about product performance. That’s why the award-winning Botanical Repair™ delivers high-performance results while always keeping the planet at heart. 
Mindfully manufactured with renewable energy, the entire Botanical Repair™ collection also promotes hair repair on all three layers, strengthening the hair cortex, smoothing the hair cuticle and protecting the F-layer from further damage. Finally—high-performance hair care you can feel good about using.

#3: To uphold your cruelty-free standards

AVEDA has always been 100% cruelty-free and always will be. From their inception, they’ve only tested their products on people. AVEDA never tests on animals and would never ask others to do so on our behalf. Being cruelty-free is an important part of who they are.

#4: To nourish your hair with ingredients you’ll feel good about

AVEDA’s plant-powered formulas leave no room for animal by-products, which means you can feel good about your high-level performing results.
Today, no animal products or byproducts (including ingredients like beeswax and glycerin) are used in AVEDA’s formulas, a breakthrough in high-performance beauty. Whether you’re devoted to a vegan lifestyle or simply prioritize using cruelty-free products, Botanical Repair™ is here to help you achieve your hair care goals without sacrificing important values.
Powered by vegan ingredients such as sacha inchi, avocado, and green tea seed oils, Botanical Repair™ relies on the potency of nature to strengthen and repair dry, damaged hair. AVEDA’s proud that all of their collections—including Botanical Repair™— forgo silicones, parabens, and sulfate-cleansers, relying instead on plant and botanical extracts to drive performance. It’s all part of their foundational belief that what’s good for the environment is best for us, too.
 Botanical Repair™

Discover your botanical repair™ solution

Ready to repair hair without compromise? The Botanical Repair™ system features solutions for the entire spectrum of hair types, from fine 1A strands to thick 4C coils. Pick and choose from the routine below.

For Wash Day

For Extra Repair

If your tresses are extremely dry, consider a bi-weekly deep treatment with Botanical Repair™ Intensive Strengthening Masque: Light or Rich. (Choose light if you have fine-to-medium hair that craves lightweight nourishment; opt for rich if you have medium-to-thick hair that requires ultra-decadent repair.)
If you’re seeking an everyday strengthening solution, apply Botanical Repair™ Strengthening Leave-In Treatment from lengths to ends.
There are so many reasons to invest in vegan hair repair. Begin with Botanical Repair™ to experience your strongest hair yet.

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