A Deeper Look Into AVEDA’s Vegan Ingredients

High-performance without compromise: At AVEDA, they believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice efficacy when choosing vegan products. This forward-thinking philosophy helped to inform their 100% vegan pledge, driving innovation at all levels. 

Why vegan ingredients

Vegan ingredients are ingredients that are not animal or animal-derived. Although AVEDA has been cruelty-free since its inception—and always “people-tested”—a limited number of AVEDA products have historically contained honey and beeswax-derived ingredients. By formulating 100% vegan, they’ve taken a landmark step to fulfill their founding mission to honor the Earth, and its inhabitants.

Responsible & transparent sourcing

AVEDA’s ingredient sourcing process is as responsible and transparent as possible. Their ingredients come from all over the globe in order to promote both ecological and cultural diversity in their formulas, and they support their partners and purveyors through fair wages.
One example of responsible sourcing is AVEDA’s partnership with Nisarga, an Indian firm that owns farmland and partners with locally owned organic farms to produce the Ayurvedic herbs found in the Invati Advanced™ system. In terms of transparency, AVEDA launched a pilot program in February 2019 to use blockchain technology in their Madagascan vanilla supply chain. Blockchain technology provides an immutable reference that can be used to verify the source and quality of ingredients, thus enabling unprecedented ingredient traceability. This successful pilot—one that was pioneering in our industry—provided a strong proof-of-concept for the use of blockchain to increase traceability in complex supply chains, particularly in the sourcing of ingredients for personal care products.

100% vegan ingredients

Plant-derived ingredients are the key feature of AVEDA’s remarkable 100% vegan products. Here are some of their favorites:

Certified Organic Pomegranate Oil

Derived from a juicy, brilliantly colored and flavorful fruit, omega 5-rich pomegranate oil replenishes dry hair. Lightweight and nourishing, it imparts essential moisture without leaving behind a greasy residue. Hydrate and replenish hair for 72 hours with Nutriplenish™ Leave-In Conditioner.

Ginseng & Certified Organic Turmeric

Ginseng and turmeric have long been used to enhance well-being in the Ayurvedic tradition. Combined together, these herbs invigorate the scalp when massaged in, helping thicken hair from roots to ends. Find AVEDA’s Ayurvedic blend in Invati Advanced™ system to tackle hair loss or thin hair head-on.

Avocado Oil

From the avocado fruit, avocado oil is a lush and nourishing ingredient ideal for treating damaged hair. It coats the hair cuticle in plant-powered repair, detangling and helping to prevent breakage. Find it in AVEDA’s Botanical Repair™ Strengthening Leave-In Treatment, which instantly transforms your hair, leaving it visibly healthier, softer and shinier after just one use.

Certified Coconut Oil

Beloved for its softening and conditioning benefits, coconut oil is a must-have for dry hair. It penetrates deep into the hair shaft to help smooth and repair. Give your hair 100% naturally derived nutrient-powered hydration and shine with Nutriplenish™ Multi-Use Hair Oil.

Certified Organic Amla

Amla has been used in Ayurvedic tradition for thousands of years. Today, AVEDA uses amla to help thicken hair, as it has been shown to increase the diameter of the hair shaft. Add Invati Advanced™ Scalp Revitalizer to your routine and address hair thinning concerns for thicker, fuller hair.

Green Tea Oil

Green tea oil helps to condition hair while adding glossy shine, slip and lustre. Intensely repair and strengthen hair instantly with Botanical Repair™ Intensive Strengthening Masque: light and rich.

Mango Butter

A decadent butter derived from the seed of the mango fruit, mango butter replenishes hair to increase softness, smoothness and manageability. Try AVEDA’s Nutriplenish™ Shampoo in light moisture or deep moisture, followed by Nutriplenish™ Conditioners in light moisture or deep moisture, as well, for soft and smooth hair.

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