A Simple Guide to Balancing Your Greasy Scalp and Dry Lengths

We know how difficult it is to cure a greasy scalp whilst hydrating dry lengths. But that stops today!. Discover the new range that will balance your hair and scalp beautifully.
Getting great hair shouldn’t involve compromise. You should be able to tackle an oily scalp and greasy roots without stripping strands of that all-important moisture. That’s why Kérastase has come up with a solution to this frustrating hair conundrum. You no longer need to choose between a fresh scalp and hydrated hair - you can have both with the new Spécifique line of products.
Getting Your Hair Balance Right
When you’re suffering from a sebum imbalance with a scalp and greasy roots that just don’t seem to budge, it can be tempting to over-wash your hair. But if you’re looking to get rid of greasy roots, shampooing daily can strip your strands of moisture, leaving them dry, brittle, sensitised and difficult to style. This leaves you with more hair issues than you started with! Conversely, using rich products to nourish strands can clog the scalp leading to irritation or an overproduction of oil.
Today, people demand more from their haircare than ever before and Kérastase is delivering. The new Spécifique range has a dual-action balancing ability for urban-exposed hair prone to greasy roots and dry lengths.

A balancing range that delivers freshness and hydration

The trio of products, including two new formulations, has been created to reduce scalp oiliness and greasy roots, whilst caring for your ends so they are left hydrated and happy. A great shampoo for oily hair, Bain Divalent, P1,750, comes in a new look bottle. The ultra light formula balances scalp oiliness with ease and keeps hair fresher for longer so you don’t need to cleanse hair daily.
Bain Divalent
Alongside a gently cleansed hair and scalp, you can expect 61.5% more volume (something that greasy roots lack), 44% more softness in hair lengths and 20% better detangling after washing.
How to use: Simply apply to wet hair, massage and rinse thoroughly.
An exciting new addition is Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Detox Cleanser, P3,200 a detox mask that deeply, yet gently, cleanses and purifies your scalp. Containing Amino Acid, it balances sebum on your scalp, removes pollution and impurities like a magnet (so it won’t strip the hair), whilst increasing volume by 74% for a lovely root lift effect. Thanks to the addition of Menthol, your scalp is left invigorated and refreshed.
Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Detox Cleanser
How to use: Once a week, apply to roots of wet hair, lather and pull through lengths. Rinse thoroughly.
Lastly in the line-up is Kérastase’s new Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Mask, P3,200  a lightweight gel-masque, it instantly rebalances your hairs’ essential hydration level. Packed with Amino Acid and nourishing Ceramide, it quenches your hair fibers’ thirst and offers that all-important nourishment. When used with the shampoo in the range, you can expect 82% better detangling whilst hair is left 53% softer and 60%.
Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Mask
How to use: Apply to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
You no longer have to choose between healthy scalp or nourished hair, because you can enjoy both. If you’re looking to get rid of an oily scalp and greasy roots, while nourishing and hydrating hair lengths, the new Spécifique trio of products should be your go-to. Get the Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Dual Ritual or the Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Masque Ritual and get a FREE Slouch Tote*.
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