The Cleansing Duo You Need for Fresh, Healthy Hair with Kérastase

Ever feel like your hair is never quite clean enough? Meet the cleansing duo that will leave your hair feeling its fresh best.
When it comes to lasting hair freshness, it’s well worth leaning on cleansers that will effectively remove unwanted sebum from your scalp (goodbye greasy roots and odor) without stripping your hair of the much-needed moisture that leaves strands shiny and easy to style. But take note: You don’t need to wash your hair more to keep it fresh. You just need to wash it with products specifically formulated to support hair freshness. Great news for you and your hair is Kerastase has created a new duo of cleansers that does just that. Keep reading to find out more about these shampoos for dry strands and an oily, greasy scalp.
Fresh hair

Meet the Cleansers Dedicated to Hair Freshness

Part of the new Specifique range, there are two cleansing products designed to tackle an oily scalp and greasy roots whilst hydrating dry, sensitised ends. Both contain Amino Acid that gently cleanses the scalp and strands, attracting dirt like a magnet into micelles that can be easily rinsed away. The Amino Acid also works hard to balance healthy pH levels allowing for a super gentle cleanse. Amino Acid is also conditioning and reinforcing, it protects hair from environmental aggressors and assists weakened strands to hold onto much-needed moisture.
But unlike the Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Balancing Shampoo, P1,750,  Kerastase’s  new cleanser, Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Detox Cleanser, P3,200,, also boasts this all-important Amino Acid ingredient alongside additional absorption properties. This added cleansing property draws sebum and impurities out of the scalp like a magnet. To make this duo part of your routine, use this Anti-Oiliness Detox Cleanser once a week instead of Anti-Oiliness Balancing Shampoo; The cleanser purifies the scalp without stripping delicate strands.
Amino Acid ingredient

Specifique: Perfumed for Lasting Freshness

To work in synergy with the active ingredients, Kerastase has formulated two freshness-boosting fragrances and woven them into these cleansing formulas. While the Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Balancing Shampoo, P1,750, has a new look, it still boasts the iconic Divalent fragrance, known as Royal 06.
Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Balancing Shampoo
A fresh scent that’s already loved by many for its aroma that invigorates the senses. With hints of Indian Basil, Freesia and Sandalwood, this fragrance leaves hair smelling beautifully clean.
The Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Detox Cleanser, P3,200, is scented with a fragrance Kerastase calls Drop of Cloud. With an airy composition, it is inspired by the fresh scent of skincare products. A heavenly scent it mingles hints of Earl Grey tea, with a generous roundness of Rose Essence and Cedarwood that softens the fragrance. It’s a treat for your scalp, strands and senses.
Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Detox Cleanser
Now, you can enjoy having hair that feels, looks, and smells fresh. Isn’t that amazing? If you want to know how you can incorporate the range in your routine, check out our guide. Discover the NEW Specifique Divalent Range and get a FREE Slouch Tote* when you avail the Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Dual Ritual or the Spécifique Divalent Anti-Oiliness Masque Ritual.
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