Dull or Dry Hair? Try This Amazing Shine-Boosting Treatment at Home!

If you want to make your hair stand out, you can try Davines’ new OI Liquid Luster! This product moisturizes and nourishes hair, providing an extra "wow" effect that can be the envy of many. 
OI Liquid Luster
Dull or dry hair? Try the new OI Liquid Luster, a product with a liquid water-like texture that offers shine and softness in just a few seconds, leaving hair shiny and with a mirror effect.
OI Liquid Luster is ideal whenever you need an intensive treatment — and you can do it right at home!

Shiny Hair in Record Time

OI Liquid Luster improves hair quality, leaving it incredibly healthy and soft and is your best ally for detangling, drying, and creating a perfect style. It is soft to the touch and extraordinarily shiny, for a glasslike effect. 
This new hair treatment comes from Davines’ best-selling and award-winning OI family, which acts as both a daily routine and styling agent. Formulated with Roucou oil, the products give extraordinary shine and softness to any kind of hair. 
Normal hair to shiny and smooth hair

Hair that is 6 times shinier

An instrumental test on strands of hair shows an increase in shine, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster vs only OI Shampoo

Hair that is 3.5 times silkier

An instrumental test of combability on strands of hair, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster vs only OI Shampoo

Extreme softness

Self-assessment of 63 volunteers around the world
The name OI comes from the ancient Eastern idea of harmony through the balance of opposite forces. In an effort to create balance between the senses, mulitple benefits and effectiveness, OI lets you see immediate positive results from your first use.

Features and Benefits


- A rich fragrance
- Each product has multiple benefits for your hair and skin
- Roucou oil protects hair against the effects of aging and environmental damage


- Super fast treatment, no processing time
- Hair is extremely softer and shinier
- The detangling action of Roucou oil leaves your hair easier to comb
- Hair is not weighed down
- Instant results from the first use

How To Use

How to use OI Liquid Luster
  • After shampooing, squeeze out excess water from hair. Section and apply directly to hair fully saturating from mid-lengths to ends. Comb through.
  • Use 1 dose (20ml) for short hair and 2 doses (40ml) for long hair.
  • Rinse out.
  • Follow with OI Conditioner in case of coarse or unruly hair for extra hydration.
Absolute Beauty for Hair
All OI products contain Roucou oil, an antioxidant-rich plant from the Amazon. This ingredient is extremely rich in beta carotene (which has a restructuring effect on the hair) and not only does it reduce cellular damage from UV rays, but it also helps to prevent the signs of aging. 

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