The Busy Woman's Guide to Coloring Your Hair at Home

Thriving in this new normal takes a lot of work, and we salute all the women who are making it happen. If you are unable to go back to the salon just yet, and would prefer to conveniently try new things from the comfort your own home, try Lakmé Chroma Ammonia-Free Home Hair Color Kit. A complete set with brush, bowl and color, you'll have the tools you need to unlock your DIY hair coloring goals. From our real reviews, learn more about how these women have adapted to a "personal + pro" way of coloring hair.
[ After vs Before ] All these months in lockdown left me with badly-grown out roots. Barely had time to take a shower on most days, let alone pamper myself. But for one weekend, I promised myself I would give myself a fresh new color no matter what. So did this at home on my own (while making a presentation for work too! lol). I'd still leave this to the professionals for sure coz I didnt have the right skills or patience to do it properly haha but Im happy with the results nonetheless.
Got the ammonia-free Lakme Chroma color kit from @hairmnl - no strong smells or itchiness, plus the texture of my hair was still good even after the process! ❤
 No smell! Hair was still shiny & soft after
“Bought pro hair color coz I was curious to try the ammonia-free Lakmé color. Mostly, I'd still leave it to the pros to do my hair. But because I really can't get out of the house & have no other choice, I'm glad I was able to order the color set that I can just do at home. It’s useful to have the free bowl and brush too. At first I was worried I couldn't match my existing hair color, but I just messaged HairMNL on IG and they helped me with the process from diagnosis to the step-by-step instructions. I'm very happy with the results! I'll definitely order again! :)” 
- Dominique

The closest to professional salon quality

As 1st time user, I am impressed by this product & the results on my hair - now it's definitely on my must-haves hair treatment list.



Superb for sensitive scalp

Since I have dry and sensitive hair ( a lot of hair fall), I carefully choose what I put on my scalp. This includes - hair colors , shampoos and conditioners. I was amazed by this product - Lakmé Color. It's ammonia-free and gives you a smooth and shiny effect. My gray hairs were covered. It was easy to use and it doesn't give you dry and flaky scalp.




Equipped me with all the necessary tools I needed
"I wanted to refresh myself physically. I knew dyeing my hair with a lighter color was a step in the right direction.  I usually have my hair treated or colored in a salon since I have dry hair, but I’m not comfortable going out given our situation, so I looked for a hair product in the market that’s easy and safe to use for breastfeeding moms like myself.*  The seller equipped me with all the necessary tools to correctly apply the product to my hair. The packaging of Lakmé is really neat and pretty. There was no odd smell either, so I felt safe to use the product even if we had it done inside my compact bedroom."
- Sheena
We admire all of you achieving DIY queens who never give up on yourself and your hair. We are also glad to see more and more people experiencing the benefits of pro hair color at home. If you are interested in coloring your own hair, chat with our experts who can give you advice on how to match your current hair color to your hair goals. Better still, if you need a one-on-one session, you can now book an online video consultation with our salon professional. Learn more about it here.
Hair color video consultation
*Our products are in line with current cosmetic standards. However, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, strong changes can occur in the body of each woman. Before using any product, consult with your gynecologist or family doctor: knowing your personal history, they will be able to best guide you. 
**Disclaimer: The best hair color results will always be from that done by a salon professional. These products are intended to be used under a hairdresser's supervision.

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