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Our best-sellers are loved by many across our hair community. For good reason, professional hair care like these really make a marked difference in improving the quality of your hair in a snap. So we've asked our experts and gathered some of our top reviews, and the results are in. Here are the top-rated essentials you need to add to your quarantine routine today. 
Kérastase Genesis Anti Hair Fall Routine 
We've been receiving lots of inquiries about hair fall lately, and it needs to be said, a multi-benefit line that treats the various sources of hair fall is essential. From root growth to strand breakage, the Kérastase Genesis Anti Hair Fall Routine, can really help make your hair exceptionally stronger and thicker. Tell us more about your hair, and we'll help you find the Genesis Routine Set that's ideal for your hair type. 
Davines Purifying Flake Free Therapy 
An anti-dandruff shampoo and treatment with a cult following, the Davines Purifying Flake Free Therapy is meant to treat more than just flakes. It cleanses the scalp of impurities, with many of our users seeing results in a matter of days. Learn more about what users are saying here. 
Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Shampoo 
Many in our hair community love Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo: With Purple Toning Pigment, primarily for its bang-for-the-buck professional results. Ideal for ash blonde hair, many also love its lasting scent. Need help getting the right blonde balance? We can help you find the right products to tone and treat your blonde hair. Message us here. 
Kérastase Discipline Oléo-Relax Hair Oil
Managing frizz caused by constantly being indoors has been a regular concern that we've been asked about. One product that's risen as a top favorite is the Kérastase Discipline Oléo-Relax Hair Oil. Many in our hair community celebrate this hair oil, not only for its anti-frizz effect, but also it's ability to protect hair even from heat styling. Whatever the weather, this hair oil is a great addition to your quarantine hair routine. 
Lakme Chroma Ammonia-Free Home Hair Color Kit
With months long quarantines, we're not surprised that many of you inquired about hair coloring at home. Many found the Lakme Chroma Ammonia Free Hair Color Kits to have superb color minus the chemical smells. From grey hairs to color refresh, many found this DIY hair color kit easy to apply. 
That’s our list so far. We've got more best sellers to feature, so keep those reviews coming. Together with our experts, let's keep our hair community strong.
Got hair woes? Don’t hesitate to ask us about it. All our happy reviews really started with a chat about their hair needs. Tell us yours and try our expert consultation today. 

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