Refresh Absolu: A Hero Product For Reviving Curls

Limit unnecessary hair washing with our all-new Refresh Absolu, a curl-reviving mist that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.
Curl Manifesto
Especially for curly hair, the new Curl Manifesto line is an incredibly hard-working collection of products that enables you to create made-to-measure routines for each type of curl - wavy, curly or coily. While the whole range works together in synergy to ensure your curls look their best, Refresh Absolu is the hero product that Kérastase can’t help but shout about.
A second day curl-refreshing spray, this lightweight mist instantly rehydrates and redefines curls. It acts as a 24-hour humidity shield to fight frizz and reactivate curls, and you can expect more moisture, improved shape and bounce and three times more shine between washes.
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The Refresh Absolu’s Hero Ingredients

Alongside the hero ingredient, nourishing Manuka Honey that restores moisture and shine there are five other standout ingredients worth knowing.
Refresh Absolu’s Ingredients
For Care & Curl Definition
Defining Glycerin: From vegetal origin, glycerin helps hydrate and carry care from roots to tips for perfect definition.
Xylose: A sugar that is naturally present in wood; this ingredient protects the hair against heat during styling.
Precious Manuka Honey
For Curl Nutrition
Precious Manuka Honey: Sourced from New Zealand, Manuka Honey is rich in minerals, nutrients and natural sugars to nourish curly hair, restoring vitality and shine.
Coconut Oil: A well-known hair oil, this protects, hydrates, offers nutrition and increases suppleness. It also works hard to reinforce the hair fibers making it a powerful ally for dry, damaged curls.
Oil and Ceramide
For Strength
Ceramide: This patented ingredient has the ability to fill cracks in the hair fiber, reinforcing weak strands from within to resist against breakage from combing and styling
Refresh Absolu
For softness, lightness & Definition
Surface Protectors: A duet of surface protectors, these have a positive charge making them drawn to areas of fragile curls (that are negatively charged) to smooth them whilst leaving strands soft, light and well-defined.
All the Refresh Absolu Curl Benefits
Tempted to try this multi-purpose product? Discover the full line-up of benefits housed in this one hard-working bottle.
- Lightweight formula, that won’t weigh curls down or leave a product build-up
- Curls recover natural pattern and instant definition
- Keeps hair hydrated and soft
- Enhances bounce and volume
- Reduces frizz, for great suppleness and shine
- 24hour humidity shield
How to Use Refresh Absolu for Best Results
Use Refresh Absolu on non-hair-wash days in the morning, or whenever your curls need to be redefined throughout the day. Simply mist through dry hair to reactivate second-day curls and bring back bounce and hydration, then air-dry or diffuse your curls, it is easy and oh-so effective.
Before and after using Refresh Absolu
*Illustration of the contemplated results obtained after applying Refresh Absolu – results may vary from one individual to another.
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