How to Keep Your Blonde Hair Naturally Fresh

For those who have colored blonde hair, it’s quite likely that avoiding warm, brassy tones is at the top of the list of concerns. How does dyed hair turn brassy? Allow Aveda to explain.
As the days go by, your hair color can be affected by the drying effects of the sun—making finding the right products for your hair become essential. The oxygen and other external heat exposure can also further reveal the naturally warmer tones beneath your colored hair, thus turning strands into a braissier hue.
That’s where Aveda comes in. It’s important to take steps after you color your hair to mitigate this process—and that can be achieved with a purple shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, a little extra hydration and hair TLC can help breathe some life into your strands.
Blonde revival™ purple toning shampoo
Aveda’s NEW blonde revival™ purple toning shampoo and conditioner is a triple-action system for a brighter, beautiful blonde. Together, these 100% vegan formulas will:
  • Reawaken color with violet-rich pigments that neutralize brassiness
  • Revive softness with hydrating and nourishing botanical oils
  • Restore smoothness by resurfacing each hair fiber
Blonde revival™ purple toning shampoo and conditioner 
First things first, let’s start with shampoo. Aveda specially formulated Blonde revival™ purple toning shampoo, P1,800, to gently cleanse hair without stripping it, due in part, to a low-lather (sulfate-free!) formula. While this is technically a purple shampoo for blonde hair, it also achieves noticeable results for those with grey or silver hair.
To use, simply apply to hair, leave it on for up to three minutes (depending on your desired amount of neutralization) and rinse. It can be used immediately after you dye hair or anytime following for the purpose of color-cooling maintenance.
Your hair will feel silky-soft—never weighed down—due to this shampoo’s plant-powered formula. Your hair will experience a nourishing blend of lightweight oils, including superstar superfruits açaí and passionfruit. These two powerhouse ingredients are rich in essential fatty acids, which nourish, hydrate and replenish fragile, bleach-damaged hair.
After shampooing, there’s of course, conditioning. Blonde revival™ purple toning conditioner, P1,900, instantly conditions, smooths, softens and detangles. Aveda can once again thank Mother Nature for her majestic, botanical blend of ingredients that make this level of hydration a reality for your dyed hair.
By combining naturally derived emollients with jojoba, sunflower and macadamia nut oils, over-processed hair can return to feeling soft, as it’s nourished with a botanical kiss of hydration. The citrus-floral aroma, of course, is the cherry on top.
Just like the blonde revival™ purple toning shampoo, this color-neutralizing conditioner works great for grey and silver hair, as well as for color treated blondes.
Both of these hair-loving formulas were developed with the Earth and Aveda clients in mind. While they’re high-performance and effective—achieving the benefits that they promise, they’re also filled to the brim with the good stuff and devoid of any harsh chemicals.
In other words, more botanicals and nourishing ingredients and absolutely no sulfates or silicone. They’re 96% naturally derived** and as always, they are cruelty free.
Try blonde revival™ purple toning shampoo and conditioner and experience a new way to keep your blonde hair looking fresh all day long.

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