Real Reviews: How I used Anti-Red Shampoo to Refresh my Brown Hair!

Purple shampoos and pigmented conditioners, have become such an integral part of maintenance for colored hair. But as this review will show, choosing colors directly opposite will neutralize the right colors directly neutralize the wrong ones. See what the Elgon Anti-Red shampoos can do for your color treated brown hair in Jenny’s hair story. 
 I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was 16. Every stylist that I have been to would remind me to maintain my hair color with either a colored shampoo or a purple toning shampoo. I shampoo daily and this makes my color fade faster. To get the most of my hair color, I use a purple-toning shampoo quite often. This removes the brassiness of my hair since usually I get my hair done once every 2 months.
I recently had my balayage done. After a few weeks, I noticed some red streaks. Since it’s time to purchase a new purple-toning shampoo, I decided to check out other brands. I was particularly intrigued by this product - Anti-Red shampoo from Elgon. I’ve never tried an Anti-Red shampoo but on the HairMNL site it said it “eliminates red tones from natural or dyed brown hair,” I thought it would be worth a try. It felt a bit of risk since this is also my first time trying Elgon, a known professional Italian brand, but one I had never come across in a store. 
Anti- Red shampoo bottle
When I received the bottle, I was taken aback a bit. The packaging had a very simple matte finish. It’s not often that you encounter a shampoo with matte packaging (except in some professional cosmetics). No bells, no whistles, just a big ready for business bottle. I wasn’t so sure about the scent either since it had a herbaceous scent. But it was when I poured the shampoo in my hand that the real shock came. It was intimidating at first to see pigmented dark green shampoo. Would it turn my hair green? I lathered it between my palms, took a deep breath and watched as the green foam completely covered my hair.
Pigmented dark green shampooAnti- red shampoo and NouNou Conditioner
I used it like a regular shampoo, except that I left it on my hair for around 5 minutes. I made sure to shampoo the lengths and ends of the hair as well and not just on the top part of the head.I prayed it wouldn’t stain my scalp, which thankfully it didn’t. What I liked about this was you can choose not to use a conditioner after. My hair was soft and easy to comb. I also tried it with my favorite Davines NouNou Conditioner, and the results were even better. 
Before Anti-Red, Anti-Red on first use, anti-Red after 3 days
Left: Before Anti-Red |  Middle: Anti-Red on first use with Nounou conditioner; Right: Anti-Red after 3 days from first use without conditioner
I am very satisfied with Elgon and their Anti-Red shampoo. I think this is better than using a colored shampoo for brown hair or a purple shampoo. It delivered the results that I wanted. Unexpectedly, it also brought out some nice tones at the bottom of my hair. I wish this had a better scent but you can solve that once you use a conditioner or mask. This Anti-Red shampoo is now filed under my “to repurchase” list and is another great product from HairMNL! It’s a must-have to purchase for those who want to extend their hair color since a retouch is hard to come by during quarantine. 
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