How to Grow Hair Faster: The Truth According To Experts

It’s time to set the record straight on hair loss. Hair loss can be such a personal struggle that many resort to all sorts of answers and remedies. But you don't have to go it alone.  We’ve thought it best to dig deep into our cache of experts and debunk myths and reveal facts to help you get real results. 
Hair loss
MYTH # 1 Hair Products such as shampoo or conditioner can cause hair loss
Triggers such as stress, aging, and other hair loss causes mentioned above are the most probable causes. The mechanical motion of scrubbing the scalp may be contributing to what is just the regular daily hair fall rather than the actual products used – so be gentle!
MYTH #2 Shaving the whole head can make the hair thicker
The amount of hair follicles in the scalp are fixed so it cannot be increased nor decreased. Hair loss happens because a large number of follicles fall asleep and do not sprout along with the natural hair growth cycle. Shaving won’t wake up the sleeping follicles! But it may be easier to apply your anti-hair loss products on a bare scalp. 
MYTH #3 Anti-hair loss products can instantly and permanently solve hair loss problems
Most hair loss solutions offer a routine that requires some time to take effect; and you need to give your hair time to grow. Visible results are usually experienced after at least 3 to 4 weeks of proper use. When you experience the symptoms of hair loss, it may be a temporary or constant state depending on the cause. When aging, hair thinning or hair loss can be gradual but constant. Some hair regrowth products are comparable to vitamins. The extra source of energy will be lost when you stop taking it, and you may regress back to your original state.
Hair loss only happens to elderly men
Myth #4 Hair loss only happens to elderly men
Everyone, including women can experience hair loss, especially if exposed to triggers. But genetically, male hormones make men more prone to hair loss at an earlier age. Male pattern baldness can happen as early as their 20’s to 30’s. 
Myth #5 : Too Much Chemicals Cause Hair Loss
Majority of those who experience hair loss have a sensitive scalp, so well spaced-out or decreased in frequency of chemical processes such as coloring, and heavy treatments can help; especially while undergoing a hair loss treatment. 
Myth #6 Eating Protein Packed Meals Helps Boost Healthy Hair
It’s important to eat healthy food, and have a protein-packed diet which can improve scalp and hair care. 
Myth #7 Hot Showers for a Prolonged Period Can Cause Baldness
Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures to lessen the aggravation to the scalp and in extremely hot temperatures, avoid wearing a cap constantly for too long or taking hot showers that would intensify the temperature effects on the scalp. 
Myth #8 Generic Hair Fall Remedies Work
Settling on generic hair loss remedies may do more harm than good, we recommend a pro anti-hair loss solution like L’Oréal Pro Serioxyl Routine to stay ahead of the hair loss.  
Why Serioxyl? 
L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serioxyl range is a complete anti-hair loss solution loved by many that promises +1000 new hairs in just 6 weeks or +1600 new hairs with its 3-month program. Backed up by 25 years of research by professionals, Serioxyl contains Stemoxydine which awakens sleeping follicles at the hair thinning stage and Resveratrol which strengthens the power of Stemoxydine by fighting scalp aggressors to create a conducive environment in the scalp for hair growth. 
The Serioxyl routine is composed of a gentle cleansing shampoo (for natural or colored hair), a gentle conditioner, the thicker hair serum for the morning, and the denser hair serum for the night. It is recommended to regularly practice the whole routine for the best results – stay ahead from hair loss and wear your crown with confidence. 
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