What’s Your Hair Count? This is Your Hair Density Guide for Fuller Hair

Ever look in the mirror and notice that your scalp is becoming more noticeable through your hair? If this is the case, you may need to boost your hair’s density. Hair density is the overall quality of the hair measured by how many strands you have. In this article, we explore hair density and how you can boost it for thicker fuller-looking hair. 
Disclaimer - This article is meant only as a guide to better understand hair density. For a personalized recommendation, you may consult our hair experts for free.
Hair density
What is hair density?
Your hair density is measured by how many strands of hair you grow per square inch along your scalp. On average, a human head typically has anywhere between 80,000 to 120,000 strands. But sometimes hair density can decrease due to factors like genetics, age, as well as your regular hair care routine. Not to be confused with hair thickness (which is the diameter of each strand), you can have high hair density with thick locks and vice versa. 
Ways to know your hair density
Fuller hair
Scalp Test
One of the easiest ways to test density is to do a scalp check. To do this, simply get a mirror and look at your hair. If you can't see your scalp, chances are you have medium to high-density hair. If you can partially see your scalp, likely you have medium density. If you can see a lot of your scalp or even the silhouette head through the hair, you have low-density hair, meaning you don’t have as many strands per square inch. 
Pony Tail Test
Pony Tail Test
Another way to find out if you have high or low-density hair is to do the ponytail test. Tie your hair in a high pony, right around the vortex or “puyo” of your hair. It need not be tight but it should be secure enough that it won’t loosen. Take a measuring tape and loop it around the hair tie. If the strands measure less than 2 inches, your hair density is low. If it’s between 2 inches and beyond, it’s likely you have medium or high-density hair.
What does density say about your hair health?
Having low-density hair is not actually bad or good because your natural hair simply could grow that way. But if you noticed a gradual decrease in hair density, then you may need to check your health. In addition, age, stress levels, diet, and scalp damage (from frequent exposure to chemicals) can affect how your hair grows. 
Overall, hair density is not necessarily the best indicator of your health but you can always seek treatments if you want to boost your strand density.
Low-density hair
What to do if you have low-density hair?
If there is a marked change in your hair density over time, you may need a hair density treatment. These hair densers are made to create the best conditions on your scalp for better hair growth. 
L’Oréal Pro’s Serioxyl
Maximize your hair’s density with L’Oréal Pro’s Serioxyl Denser Serum, P2,999. Part of a hair fall control line, the denser serum contains Stemoxydine and Yang complex that extends the period the hair stays attached to the scalp and helps increase the number of strands. For best results, get the Serioxyl Starter Kit.
For a targeted treatment for hair density made especially for men, try Kérastase Densifique Men's Density Program, P11,050. Made with Hyaluronic Acid and Intra-Cyclane® , this ritual helps hair strands hold on longer, delaying the shedding phase of your strands. It also has more moisturizing properties for balanced hydration on the scalp, which can set a better condition for hair growth.
Kérastase Densifique Men
Ready to increase your hair density? Give them a try and share with us the results. If you’ve got more questions on how to boost your hair density, avail of our FREE consultation. View our full collection of denser treatments here.
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