5 Professional Rescue Tips For The Dreaded Summer Hairfall


Summer heat is notorious for causing intense dryness, excessive oil production and worse, hair fall. Unfortunately, all that shedding is noticeably happening on your head not on any other part of your body that would save you a trip to the waxing salon. Still, the dreaded summer molting doesn’t have to be inevitable. You can add these professional tips to strengthen and hold your hair together.

A person can lose about an average of 100 strands of hair every day. In the summer this can peak to more than 200 strands a day causing some real concern over hair loss. Luckily seasonal hair fall is, for the most part, a natural occurrence. It's part of a hair cycle called telogen, or a resting phase where we are extra prone to hair fall. But sun exposure and heat can aggravate this phase causing premature shedding of an otherwise still viable strand. The good news is that in most cases the cycle just restarts and hair regrows. Still, if you're worried that those extra strands clogging your drain are too plenty for comfort, here's how you can keep it under control.

#1. Hydrate


The benefits of hydration are well established. It helps your body function against the heat, it’s great for your skin, and of course it’s great for your hair as well. A lot of things can be solved with just remembering to take your 8 to 10 glasses of pur clean water every day. Your hair iis comprised of one quarter of water, so don’t forget to drink up.

#2 A Caffeine Treatment for Energized 


Hair fall happens for a multitude of reasons but you can lessen the general effects of it by getting to the root of the cause, literally. Caffeine extracts are known to maximize your hair’s defense against hair fall by encouraging regrowth. Although the jury is still out on its full effects, it is the focus of studies in drug therapy for alopecia. So give your hair its own java love with products like Davines Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo & Gel (Goodbye Hairfall Set). These paraben and sulfate-free products are also safe for pregnant and lactating women, who experience particularly worrisome hair fall due to hormonal changes.

Davines Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo & Gel


DIABOOST by Nioxin

When hair fall is inevitable, the best alternative is to thicken your strands while you wait for regrowth. One of the best ways to thicken hair is to use a boosting treatment. Try DIABOOST by Nioxin. We love that it can instantly help increase the diameter of your hair from root to tip, while it penetrates each strand to protect it against further breakage. It also has Caffeine, Niacinamide, and Panthenol as an active ingredient encouraging regrowth. 

DIABOOST by Nioxin Bottle

#4 Keep Baby Hair At Bay

Baby hairs

But it's not all about the hair fall that’s a cause for concern. Regrowth, or what others call “baby hair”, are the bane of any sleek and straight look. These unruly new strands need a firm but gentle hand to guide it back to the straight and narrow. Good thing there is Davines This is a Strong Dry Wax: For Defined Matte Textures. Don’t let its darling appearance fool you, it a serious product with serious results. Its extra strong hold doesn’t leave residue, feels dry to the touch and separates hair well, leaving t those tiny devils matte and flat. 

Davines This is a Strong Dry Wax

#5 Get A Trim

Finally, In the same vein as keeping your hair weighed down, a good trim maybe what your hair needs to keep things light. Consider a new hairstyle for summer but make sure to tell your stylist your hair situation so that you can choose the best approach for your hair type. Visit us at the HairMNL Studio to get the hair assessment you need.

Hair trimming

With summer well underway, you don't have to watch your hair fall out, beat the heat and the hair fall like a pro. Tell us what you if you tried any of these and what worked well for you.

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