Grow With the Flow: Your Guide to Hair Loss Management

Worried about hair loss? Understandably, learning you may have hair loss can be stressful, but there is hope. Hair science has come a long way in managing these concerns. The earlier you treat it and the more you learn more about it, the better you can help respond to what your scalp and strands would need to prevent, if not extend the life of your hair. So what is hair loss and what can you do about it?
Disclaimer - This article is meant only as a guide to better understand hair loss. For a personalized recommendation, you may consult our hair experts for free.
Hair Loss
Hair Loss
Hair loss is a condition wherein you are experiencing shedding and new hairs do not replace ones that have fallen out. This is commonly caused by multiple factors often associated with genes, auto-immune disorders, stress, aging, and hormones.
Is Hair Loss Permanent?
Hair loss can be temporary or permanent depending on the cause. Different types of hair loss patterns can be helpful in determining this. Here are some of them:
  • Gradual Thinning at the Front and Top of the Head - Receding hairlines around the forehead and general thinning in the front is the most common type of hair loss. Most men who experience hair loss will see it around the vortex of their scalp or “puyo,” while women on the other hand are likely to see even thinning across the scalGradual Thinning at the Front and Top of the Head
  • Circular Patchy Bald Spots - Bald spots in your hair, beard, or eyebrows maybe be a sign that there are imbalances in your body. Rule out medical disorders by seeking a Dermatologist or a Trichologist to get a proper health assessment.

Circular Patchy Bald Spots

  • Sudden Loss of Hair - Extremely stressful events take their toll on your body. These include severe illness, side effects of medication, or even traumatic emotional stress. 

Sudden Loss of Hair

Hair Tip: Listen to your hair. Hair loss can be a symptom of underlying health conditions. If you are noticing changes in your body along with severe hair loss, it’s best to consult with a doctor to assess your health, history, and condition.
What can I do about it?
Health and genetics are the primary drivers for hair loss. Once you’ve determined the cause, then you can start exploring options for both prevention and treatment. Although certain conditions cannot be reversed, it would be good to get ahead of them by making sure you give your scalp the best care it can receive. 
For androgenetic hormone-related hair loss, consider getting a stimulating treatment like Davines Energizing Superactive Anti Androgenetic Hairloss Treatment, P4,200. Its plant-based formula improves the scalp tone, controls the hyper-production of sebum, and reduces hair loss to improve hair density.
Davines Energizing Superactive Anti Androgenetic Hairloss Treatment
If you’re looking for a vegan treatment, try Aveda Invati Advanced System, P8,100. It helps reduce hair loss by 53% (due to breakage from brushing, after using the Invati advanced™ System for 12 weeks) and instantly thickens the hair. 
Aveda Invati Advanced System
Your hair and your scalp are part of a larger, more amazing you. If you’re facing hair loss, we hope you find our recommendations helpful in understanding more about how you can treat it.
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