Top 3 Natural Hair Colors For The Earth Goddess In You

Have you been tending to your garden but not your hair? Lately there has been surge of #PlanTitas taking an interest in creating calming urban gardens that offer peace and joy amid the stresses of the new normal. Inspired by these scenes of abundance, we’ve short listed 3 beautiful natural shades that make your hair color an escape all of its own. 

Dirty Blonde

As a garden goddess, you are unafraid to get your hands a bit dirty. That is why this gorgeous shade of almost ashen dirty blonde isn’t afraid of anything either. Beautiful in its chic shagginess, it reminds us of wildflowers bouquets. Matched with loads of volume, when tended to rightly, this hairstyle turns nicely into outgrown roots.
Dirty Blonde
How to care for your colored hair
Like plants, our hair craves a balanced moisture. This is especially true for bleached blonde hair. The damage of harsh chemicals, especially bleach is hair is unrefuted. Luckily there’s Lakme Teknia Deep Care Treatment,₱ 1,550. It helps repair the internal structure of the hair, while rebuilding damaged bonds offering deep non-greasy nutrition.

Strawberry Brunette Grown Out Roots

We’ve all been there. The awkward space between your natural hair color and your colored hair. Good thing outgrown roots are back. Add a splash of red to your lengths and ends while keeping your roots still relatively a darker shade. This hair color is more  akin to a balayage and definitely creates loads of depth and dimension. 
Strawberry Brunette Grown Out Roots
How to care for this hair color
Any two toned hair needs special care. A color safe shampoo will do wonders for your hair, like Lakme Teknia Color Stay Shampoo, P1,020. Made with an anti-fading effect, it is packed with antioxidants, that repairs hair and protects against UV rays and free radicals. The results are prolongs vibrant, shiny and luminous color.

Cinnamon Bloom

Looking for a drastic enough change that’s short of bleaching your whole head of hair. Consider a milder yet equally stunning shade of cinnamon. A radiant shade of copper, it adds a touch of softness to the face and matches warm skin tones.  
Cinnamon Bloom
How to care for this hair color
There is a thin line between healthy red rich copper hair and nasty brassy colors. Since red tones tend to wash out faster, we recommend using pigmented shampoo that’s sulfate free to maintain the color between touch ups. Try Lakme Teknia Color Refresh Saffron Copper Shampoo, P1,020. A citrus scented cleanser, it’s meant to nourish and refresh hair while protecting your hair color.  

So which blossoming look will you try? Let us know on facebook with a picture of your hair together with your plant-babies. Whichever you choose, we hope your hair brings you a healthy disposition and tons of happy thoughts. 
Enjoy radiant hair color with our selection of cleansers and masks for color-treated hair. Need to improve your current hair color, try these hair color refreshers for faded hair here. 

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