The Hair Of Your Dreams

Introducing Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum, the moisturizing hair serum that transforms dry hair overnight. Like an intensive night cream, it works while you sleep to repair and nourish, leaving it silky and smooth by morning.

It is well known that, while you sleep, the body goes to work repairing itself, fortifying its cells from the inside out. This makes nighttime the best time to let powerful, nutrient-rich beauty treatments work wonders. The ritual of patting a moisturizing potion into the skin at bedtime, and waking up fresh-faced and dewy, is a sacred one among women around the world. There is nothing like the pure luxury of beauty sleep.
Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum

New 8H Magic Night Serum

But what about a hair moisturizer? Just as skin, dry hair can benefit immensely from nighttime treatment. The new Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum is the hair care answer to a nighttime skin care ritual. Applied in one simple step, just before bed, it captures the healing power of sleep, enveloping the hair with vital nutrients.
New 8H Magic Night Serum ingredients

New 8H Magic Night Serum

As the conscious mind gives way to sweet dreams, this potion goes to work intensely nourishing and replenishing, much like a hair mask for dry hair, revealing a naturally beautiful look and feel by morning.
8H Magic Night Serum ingredients

A Relaxing Bedtime Ritual

Relaxing Bedtime
8H Magic Night Serum is really very easy to use. Simply take a moment before bed to work 2-4 pumps into the lengths and ends of wet or dry hair. Leave it in as you sleep. While you dream, your hair enjoys the benefits of nourishing vitamins and iris root extract.

No Residue, Lightweight Feel

No Residue, Lightweight Feel
From the moment you apply 8h Magic Night Serum, it begins to penetrate and moisturize dry hair, soaking in within minutes. There is no residue left behind, no transfer of the product into your pillow or bed linens. In the morning, the product has completely disappeared into the hair. 

Evolving Fragrance

8H Magic Night Serum
When you apply 8H Magic Night Serum, its smooth touch and fresh fragrance lulls into a deeply restful state. The serum emits relaxing floral notes for the first 2 hours, then mellows into a soft, soothing efftec for the next 6 hours. After 8 hours of rest the scent becomes an energizing agent, enveloping the sense upon waking up.

A Beautiful Morning 

Beautiful Morning
After a full night of sleep,  the 8H Magic Night Serum has completed its repair cycle and absorbed into the hair. When you wake, your hair is smooth, moisturized, repaired, and ready to style for daytime, no rinsing required. Hair is weightlessly soft and silky,  fragrant and fresh for the day ahead. Your spirit is uplifted. The effect is truly magical. 

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