Fact Check - Myths About Thinning Hair You Need to Stop Believing

It’s never too late to learn something new about yourself or your hair. Often our notions about hair fall are influenced by myths we’ve heard, but separating these from fact will better help you understand how you can manage hair fall. 

Myth #1 - Hair fall is only a problem for men

FACT:  Women suffer from hair fall and hair loss but they experience it differently from men. Male pattern baldness starts at the top of the head while women typically have it more evenly across the entire scalp. 
But both are influenced by genetics, medical factors, external factors, and the state of your hair and scalp. 

Myth #2 - Only older people suffer hair loss

FACT: Hair loss can come at any age depending on your genes, health, and the level of stress your body is experiencing. These aside, the best way to respond to hair loss at any age is to start a healthy anti-fall hair routine as early as possible.

Myth #3 Shaving your hair improves hair density.

FACT: Shaving your hair only gives the appearance of thickness because of blunt tips which feel course and thick for a time but will eventually go back to its natural state.
You can instead get more strands by creating the right environment in your scalp for each one to grow.

Myth #4 Stress will cause hair fall

FACT: Everyday stresses don’t usually cause hair fall, so maybe a nagging boss or a toddler tantrum may not be the direct culprit. But stress on the body like an illness, hormonal changes, or extreme forms of stress like a traumatic event have been linked to hair loss. 
If you’re experiencing general hair fall, focus on fortifying your roots and scalp to help re-anchor the fiber to the root.
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Myth #5 Cleansing your hair too much can cause hair loss

FACT: How you wash your hair and what products you use are more likely to influence hair fall. Washing your hair vigorously can tangle hair and lead to difficulty combing that pulls on strands. Harsh ingredients in shampoos can also potentially cause hair loss, but this can likely be resolved quickly once you find a better hair care alternative.
Best to go with a sulfate-free shampoo, like Davines Energizing Shampoo, that targets thinning hair for gentle cleansing.

Myth #6 Weight gain in women can cause hair loss

FACT: Hormonal changes and health concerns related to weight gain (and even loss) can cause hair loss, but gaining a few pounds may not be the main culprit. Obesity and inflammation on the other hand has been linked to hair thinning (or the thickness of the strands you hair follicle produces).
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Thinning hair is different for everyone. For concerns on hair fall, hair loss, thinning hair, and hair density, you can go to our experts for a FREE consultation. Message us today!

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