Damaged Hair Care - For Rough and Weak Hair from Color and Chemical Treatments

We always love seeing women achieve their hair goals! However, when working to achieve those hair inspos, sometimes we tend to overlook our hair’s overall well-being and we end up with damaged hair - whether from regular heat styling or frequent chemical treatments. 
If you frequently color, bleach, rebond, or perm your hair, there’s a chance that your strands feel rough, weak, and difficult to comb through. This means that your hair needs protein alternated with heavy nourishment. Read more to learn how to revive those tresses.
Chemical treatments
But if chemical treatments aren’t the cause of your hair damage, check out our other damage repair guides! Read this feature If your hair feels dry from frequent heat styling or this guide if your hair is bleached and is already prone to breakage.

How to Manage and Care for Your Damaged Hair

To nurse back your chemically treated hair, you’ll need to switch your hair care essentials that give your hair what it needs. Set an alternating routine that can deeply nourish your hair and provide protein to regain back what your hair lost.

(1) Add heavy nourishment to your hair

To help you care for your damaged locks at home, try out Kerastase Resistance Therapiste. It's a professional repair system that restores the quality of your fiber like it’s new. Enriched with Pro-Keratin, Ceramid, and regenerating properties, your hair’s internal substance is repaired and rebuilt, giving your strands a second life. The end result? With its regained strength and elasticity, your hair becomes soft, supple, and smooth. Plus, not only is past damage repaired, but your hair is left protected from future damage and breakage.
Kerastase Resistance Therapiste
If you want a natural and plant-based alternative, you can let your hair shine on with Davines NOUNOU Damage Remedy Set,P2,265. This line is infused with Fiaschetto tomatoes, making the products rich in Vitamins C and E and antioxidants - all great ingredients for your hair! The natural ingredients reconstruct and deeply hydrate your strands, leaving your hair shiny as if it didn’t undergo damage. 
Davines NOUNOU Damage Remedy Set

(2) Strengthen your strands

Whenever you do heavy workouts, don’t you need rest days to build up your muscles? Similarly, your hair needs to gain back its strength too, after undergoing chemical treatments! Get stronger and healthier hair using Davines MELU Hair Strengthening Care Therapy, P2,265. This set contains lentil seed extract, which is rich with serine and glutamic acid - two strong reparative and nourishing amino acids which protect and rebuild fragile hair.
Davines MELU Hair Strengthening Care Therapy

(3) Avoid double or over processing.

We adore hair transformations but as much as possible, avoid compounded chemical treatments to save your strands. Space out your hair color, rebonds, perms evenly so you can prevent your hair from entering a severely damaged stage. Your hair will thank you in the long run!
While hair transformations are fun, don’t forget to do the much needed after care to keep your strands healthy and strong.Have some questions in mind? Send us a message, and our experts will help you out.

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