Too Much Heat Styling? Here’s How to Revive Your Damaged Hair

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want beautiful hair? But sometimes, in the process of trying to achieve your hair goals, you might overlook your hair’s health and end up with damaged hair. Hair damage comes from different factors, such as frequent heat styling and regular chemical treatments and when this happens, your tresses may need various levels of support and repair. 
We’re here to talk about how to nourish your hair if you regularly do heat styling, leaving your hair feeling dry. So if this isn’t the cause of your hair damage, check out our other damage repair guides! Read this feature If your hair feels rough and weak from colored and chemical treatments or this guide if your hair is bleached and is already prone to breakage.
What Heat Styling Does to Hair
While styling your hair with heat styling tools set at the right temperature is okay, regular practice might lead to hair that feels dry and frazzled. If this happens, your hair needs moisture and heavy nourishment. Good thing there are at-home remedies to restore the hydration your tresses need.
Heat Styling Does to Hair
How to Spot Heat-Damaged Hair
So, how would you know if you have heat-damaged hair? Here are a few of the tell-tale signs to check if you’re dealing with heat-damaged locks.
  • Feels and looks dry, dull, and frizzy
  • Looks flat and limp
  • Doesn’t hold shape
Feels and looks dry, dull, and frizzy

How to Manage and Treat Heat-Damaged Hair

Reality is: once your hair is damaged, the structure of your hair is altered permanently. However, there are ways to manage and treat your hair, depending on how extensive the damage your hair is experiencing.

(1) Add moisture to your hair

Just as your body needs water in summer, your heat-damaged hair must be thirsty for moisture with all the heat it withstood. It’s high time to hydrate your dry tresses! 
With Aveda Nutriplenish, a plant-based range, give your hair up to 72-hours of hydration. Depending the on how extensive your heat damage is, you can choose between the Nutriplenish Shampoo Light Moisture, P1,900, that contains light formulas to smoothen and hydrate your tresses or Nutriplenish Shampoo Deep Moisture, P1,900, that deeply replenishes with 50% more butters than the Light Moisture. But regardless of what you choose for your hair, you’ll get the lush, bouncy, and visibly healthy hair you've dreamed of.
Nutriplenish Shampoo Light Moisture
You can also opt for the Davines MOMO Hydrating Relief Set, P2,265 to hydrate dry and damaged hair. Packed with Cartucciaru Melon Extract, fatty acids, and Vitamins C & B, the shampoo-conditioner duo replenishes your damaged hair with moisture, leaving your hair shiny, soft, and silky. 
Davines MOMO Hydrating Relief Set

(2) Add protein to your strands

Damaged hair can make your locks highly porous, making it in need of some protein to strengthen them and prevent breakage. And we’ve got just the treatment for you - The L’Oreal Absolut Repair Gold Duo, P1,872. Enriched with quinoa and protein, the entire range is all about defying those dry, damaged strands. Thanks to the co-emulsion technology, this intense hair damage solution has a transformative effect that targets your fiber according to its damage level. With up to 77% less damage* and 7x shinier hair*, your locks look smoother, shinier, and healthier. It’s as golden as it sounds!
The L’Oreal Absolut Repair Gold Duo
*Absolut Repair Gold Instant Resurfacing Shampoo + Mask

(3) Manage your heat styling.

To limit damaging your hair any further, try laying off on the heat styling tools, whether from blow dryers, hair irons, or curlers. Give your hair some break by letting it air dry. But if it’s unavoidable, make sure to put on some heat protectant and check the temperature isn’t too hot. For blow drying, position it at least 6 inches away from the head to avoid frazzling your hair with the heat so close. 
Manage your heat styling 
And there you have it! We hope that this guide can help you out with your heat-damaged hair. As always, you can always consult our experts for free if you’ve got questions in mind.

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