Hair Rebonding: The Pros, the Cons, and How to Get Your 13th Month Pay’s Worth

The holidays are here, and reunions abound. Everyone’s in a festive mood -- not only because of the Christmas parties to look forward to but also because of that sweet 13th-month pay we’re all waiting for! Nothing beats the glorious feeling of getting your bonus after a year of hard work. And, like a true-blooded Filipina, getting a hair rebond treatment this time of the year has become so common that it’s almost a tradition! Kidding aside, let’s deep dive into this popular salon service, and what you can expect before you book your appointment.

Unmanageable hair vs straight and sleek hair

Rebonding is the most sought-after hair straightening procedure as it’s widely available in any salon and more affordable than most treatments. It’s done by processing the hair with powerful chemicals and heat to alter your natural hair structure, transforming your strands into fine, straight hair.

Hair straigthening

To get your 13th month pay’s worth - know the pros and cons of hair rebonding, and how to maximize your treatment. Better come prepared and be safe than sorry!

Con: It’s time-consuming. 

The process takes at least 3-8 hours, depending on your hair type and texture, so make sure you’re ready with your favorite Netflix series!

Pro: It’s permanent! 

You won’t have to repeat the process until your hair has an inch or two of new growth at the roots.

Con: It isn’t easy on the pockets.

The cost of this treatment can be surprisingly high. You’ll need to set aside quite a bit of budget for this one if you want to keep maintaining it.

Pro: Smooth, untangled hair for months!

After the treatment, your hair will look smooth, glossy, and straight - making it easy to manage and style!

Con: It damages the hair.

Especially if you have colored, bleached, dry, or already damaged hair from previous chemical treatments, rebonding can do more harm than good.

Pro: Hair-saving products exist!

Proper aftercare habits and products can revive damaged and chemically-treated hair, and even extend the rebonding effects.


Rebonded hair

Remember, with great hair comes great responsibility! Take a look at these hair heroes that we recommend for your rebonding aftercare treatment:

The Davines NOUNOU Shampoo and Conditioner
The Davines NOUNOU Shampoo and Conditioner (2,700) is the power duo you’ll need after getting a hair rebond. This pair helps restore chemically-treated hair by deeply nourishing and gently cleansing your locks, and bringing them back to life.
Kérastase Resistance Thérapiste
Another hair-resuscitating set that revives severely damaged hair is the Kérastase Resistance Thérapiste (₱7,500). This will give your hair a second life as it rebuilds the internal substance of your hair and restores its strength and solidity.

For chemical treatments like rebonding, choose experienced stylists to achieve the best results and avoid any hair damage and disaster. 

HairMNL Studio offers rebonding and other hair services done only by professionals. If you need expert advice before getting the treatment, message us for a personalized consultation!

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