Turn Up The Volume With These Holiday Hairstyles

Looking for a 2020 hairstyle to brighten up your holidays? We’ve put together a merry little list of hairstyles that add pop to all your Zoom parties and family photos. Get some volume in those locks with these top 3 big hairstyles.

Waterfall Braids & Textured Waves

Braids have always felt part of that Dickensian Christmas. That’s why we thought to include this classic style with a modern twist. Cascading braids (done however you like) over beach waves or loose bouncy curls make for a standout look. 

Waterfall BraidsLiquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid

To get this look make sure you have some Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid, ₱ 1,950, a multi-benefit leave on treatment that keeps braids looking smooth while giving your waves natural body and smoothness without looking dry or tangled. 

Ash Blonde Money Piece with Waves
Nothing sings of Christmas like a dash of silver & gold trim which is what you can expect from this face framing style. Choose from ash to honey blonde highlights and add them to the front locks around your hairline. The “money piece” made popular by celebrities like Beyonce and J.Lo can really brighten your complexion and help contour your face. Matched with natural waves on your long layered hair, the look is the perfect gift you can give yourself this Christmas.
Ash BlondeBed Head by TIGI: Fully Loaded™ Massive Volume Shampoo

This style is best done by a professional as it involves bleaching your hair, but make sure you maintain it with a volumizing shampoo, like Bed Head by TIGI: Fully Loaded™ Massive Volume Shampoo, on sale now at ₱ 960. It’s great for adding some volume to your roots, making sure your money piece stays up and not limp throughout the holidays. For styling, we recommend using Bed Head’s Oh Bee Hive, on sale now for P1,500.  This dry shampoo has super fine powder that helps cleanse hair of the excess oils for more roots volume. 

Watch how to use Bed Head Oh Bee Hive

Smooth Volume

Create body from roots to lengths with this style. Made with big blow-dried curls, it creates a full bodied natural look that draws the eyes across the length of the face. For extra volume, switch your side part adding that extra lift to your roots. 

Smooth VolumeL'Oreal Tecni.Art Pli Heat Protecting Spray

To get this look we recommend using L'Oreal Tecni.Art Pli Heat Protecting Spray, ₱ 930a pliable hairspray without the crunch that helps protect hair while you blow-dry those big waves. Perfect for wavy or supple blow dries, & wave-set styles.

We hope you loved these styles as much as we did. Which style will you be trying out this year?
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