Get Spooky with These 8 Unique Halloween Hairstyles - Perfect for Zoom Parties!

Halloween is fast approaching. With all the upcoming Halloween Zoom parties with colleagues, friends, and families, your hair will be your best accessory yet this year. Take a look at some of these unique hairstyles that can be costumes themselves!

(1) Mouse Ears

Easy but impactful hairstyle? Try the cutest mouse ears by this TikTok user! She sections and ponytails her hair on both sides then she proceeds with wrapping her hair around the tie and shaping the ears. She finishes it up by grabbing the front pieces to a mini bouffant bump and securing it with a bobby pin. And there you have your magical mouse ears!

(2) Pumpkin bubble braid

What’s Halloween without pumpkins? This cute pumpkin hairstyle gives your hair a trendy touch using this bubble braid.
Make your braids more pumpkin-like by applying a temporary hair color! You can coat your pre-lightened strands with Wella Color Fresh Mask in Copper Glow P1,199. This will give your hair a warm but vibrant hue while keeping it moisturized as well. If you’d like to explore other colors, see all the other Wella Color Fresh Mask Natural Colors

(3) Black Cat

Aside from the pumpkin, don’t forget another one of Halloween’s stars – the black cat. Check out this TikTok user’s tutorial on how she gives herself some cat ears, with just hair! She starts by grabbing a section of her hair and braids it and does the same on other side. Once done, she proceeds with forming a triangle with the braid and secures it with bobby pins.
Elevate this look by adding some texture to your tresses with the Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray, P1,080.  A few spritz of this gives life and body to your limp hair, while adding beachy textured waves to it to complement your cat ears hairstyle.

(4) Devilishly Good Hair

When you think of Halloween costumes, you can’t miss out on this classic devil look. Take your succubus game to the next level by wearing hair horns instead of a headband! Watch how this TikTok user sections her hair into two high ponies and twirls the hair to form a horn shape.
Want to make it look even more succubus-like? Color your hair a tinge of red before tying it up in a pony. The L’oreal Professionel INOA Ammonia-Free Starter Set 5.62, P1,900, gives you a light extra iridescent red brown hue that brings out that classic devilish feel. Perfect for halloween! Grab this set and you can already get it with a developer, measuring cup, and a brush.
L’oreal Professionel INOA Ammonia-Free Starter Set
Note - The best hair color results will always come from salon professionals. These products are intended to be used under a hairdresser's supervision. Please consult your hair stylist for the recommended hair colorant and developer to achieve your desired result.

(5) Unicorn

Look magical at your Zoom party with this unicorn hairstyle. For this style, you’ll be needing a cardstock paper to help you form the unicorn’s horn shape. Once you have it, section the front top part of your hair and tie it with an elastic. Gently pull up the remaining hair into a high pony and secure it with another elastic. Now, here’s the fun part. Grab the piece of cardstock paper and place the front top section into the middle and wrap it around to form a cone shape. Take the pieces of hair and wrap it around the cone until you can’t see the paper. Secure with a bobby pin. Tease the back pony to give your hair a little more “oomph” or texture to it. 
Want to add color to your bleached tips to achieve a similar look? Try Davines Alchemic Creative Conditioner in Pink, ₱ 1,600. Leave the conditioner on for 5-8 minutes on bleached or pre-lightened hair to enjoy amazing temporary color. 
If you’d like it to be secure with a little more sparkle, try out Bed Head by TIGI Super Shine and Smoothness Set featuring After Party Smoothing Cream and Head Rush Shine Spray. These two work together to keep the frizz at bay, while giving a super shiny finish. Buy this set exclusively on GLife and save P1,800!
Bed head TIGI

(6) Dunkin’ Donut

Nothing beats that sip of iced coffee to keep you up and going throughout the day. But it gets better! Use those Dunkin Donut cups to upgrade your typical bun into a donut. With the lid, the straws, and the wrap, you’ve got yourself a Halloween costume right there.

(7) 90’s Space Buns with a Twist

Bring your space buns game a step further with some twists! This TikTok user uses a zigzag parting to make it feel even more ‘90s. What makes these space buns different aside from the zigzag is the knots. Normally, you twist your hair to shape a bun. But she knots her hair twice to give her space buns more texture and shape. 
Finish the style with a spritz of hairspray. If you’re looking for one, you can check out AVEDA Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray, P1,900.  It gives any style a weightless long lasting hold while keeping it flexible. Plus, it’s enriched with functional botanicals for ingredients too. Spray it on to keep your flyaways at bay so you can log on to the Zoom call right on time!

(8) Spider-bun

Spook out your colleagues and friends with this spider bun. Start by putting your hair up in a high ponytail. After the pony, grab a hair donut and shape your hair around it with a tiet. For the remaining hair, make small 8 braids as spider legs. Bobby pin these braids into your desired shape. To finish it off, place two eyes on the front of your bun. Who says these spiders have no way home?
Make this hairstyle last longer by adding a texturizing paste that can help add a matte finish to any look. Check out Bed Head Manipulator Texture Paste if you want a long-lasting look for your hairstyle! Buy this exclusively on GLife and get another Manipulator Texture Paste for free.
And there you have it! While costumes are great, your hair can be your greatest accessory and costume yet. Try these hairstyles out and tag us on Instagram or TikTok so we can see them. You can also catch special Halloween deals during our Payday Sale: All Treats, No Tricks happening from October 27-31, 2021! Get up to 50% off on select hair color and styling products that can finish your Halloween look.
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Wishing you a spook-tacular Halloween!

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