5 Things to Look Forward to During Davines Sustainable Beauty Week

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With brands taking steps towards clean beauty, you’ve probably heard of sustainable beauty more than a hundred times. At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if you already have it as part of your routine. But what exactly does sustainable beauty entail? From recyclable packaging, sourcing of organic ingredients, and being mindful of overall impact in production to post-sale, sustainable beauty is a continuous commitment to do better and be better. That’s why from October 11-17, come join us as we celebrate and learn more about sustainable beauty with Davines. Find out what awaits you on our Sustainable Beauty Week!

 Sustainable Beauty Conversation

To kick off our week, we want to show you how sustainable beauty is made possible with the commitment to keep walking forward. With Davines’ Brand Ambassador and environmental advocate, Antoinette Taus, you can get to know more about how Davines manages to achieve and merge performance and sustainability through their collections of products. From the packaging, ingredients, and all the way to their ongoing efforts for sustainability, watch to see how sustainable beauty is done.
Davines A Single Shampoo Launch
This Sustainable Beauty Week, we’ve got a new product coming your way. In commitment to keep walking towards a sustainable future, Davines has created A Single Shampoo, P1,550. But it’s more than just a shampoo. To date, it’s their best effort yet in achieving both performance and sustainability in a bottle. From its ingredients, packaging made from sugar cane to its production, this shampoo represents Davines’ pledge to sustainability.
And it doesn’t end there