Bang-ing Fringe Styles to Get First

Now that salons are opening once again along with the easing of quarantine restrictions, it's a good a time as any to get that hair makeover you have been itching to try out. Hair makeovers don’t always mean coloring your hair. In fact, cutting your hair can already give you a different look; bangs or fringes are a unique fashion statement. Take a look at some of the hottest fringe styles for you to consider.

1. Choppy bangs

Experienced having your bangs keep poking at your eye? We know how annoying it could get. With the choppy bangs, you don’t have to worry about having your eye become irritated anymore. Choppy bangs’ length can vary depending on what you prefer. But generally, choppy bangs are distinguished for having the ends just at the top of your eyebrow.

This fringe’s versatility is on how choppy or uneven your cut is. This style can make you look youthful or edgy, depending on the length your bangs are cut.

 Choppy bangs

Source: Pinterest

2. Wispy bangs

If you’ve been binge-watching your list of K-drama this quarantine, you’ve probably seen this style too many. In striking contrast with the choppy bangs, wispy bangs are characterized by that soft, feathery look.

This style is perfect if you’re not quite ready for a fuller fringe. While it doesn’t fully cover your forehead, it still manages to give your hair that certain balance on how this fringe frames your face.

Not only is it low maintenance, but these airy see-through fringe suits both thin and thick hair. Isn’t this style just dreamy?

Wispy bangs

Source: lovipoe/Instagram

3. Full blunt bangs

When you hear of bangs, this classic is surely the first style that pops into mind. The full fringe is suited for those ready to take a plunge with this full coverage to shake their look up. The chic look can make your face look smaller.

Full blunt bangs

Source: lalalalisa_m/Instagram 

Styling and maintaining this full fringe is a commitment. With the ends skimming just right at the top of your lashes, you’ll need to have them trimmed regularly. But the end look is so worthwhile as seen on celebrities rocking this iconic fringe, such as Taylor Swift and Lisa Manoban of Blackpink. Here’s what’s even cooler: you can keep those bangs fresh and in place even when dancing, just like Lisa. Get a firm hold on those full fringe with the AVEDA Firm Hold Hair Spray, P1,900. You can move around without having to worry about humidity messing up your look.

4. Curtain bangs 

Center fringes not your style? That’s okay because bangs can be parted right at the center too! While this trending style is not new, many celebrities have been spotted sporting this style until today. And we totally understand why!

This shaggy, effortless looking fringe is versatile and easy to maintain and style, making it the perfect fringe for those who’ve never had one. Plus, it’s suitable for any face shape or hair type, depending on how the cut frames your face.

Curtain bangs  

Source: Pinterest

What makes this particular style unique is how it softly blends into your hair, framing your face at the sides without anything extreme like a full blunt fringe.

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