Men’s Grooming Game in 2022 - Classic Beard Styles To Bring Back

After almost 2 years into the pandemic, men’s grooming has become an interesting landscape of grown stashes, thick bold beards, and sideburns that buff up the sharpest of jawlines. As quarantine restrictions begin to ease, 2022 looks to hopefully open up access to barbershops across the country. But before you completely shave-off your full quarantine beard, take a moment to check out some designer bristles that can make 2022 the year of the classic beard.


Remember Remmington Steele? It’s a TV show that’s been popping up lately as it approaches its 40th year anniversary. The show brought us the steely looks of Pierce Brosnan from over 4 decades ago with his then boyish 7 o’clock-shadow, proof that the designer stubble is due for a return. The youngins may not remember so here’s a quick classic look at this iconic style. 

Long hair manMan with short hair

Looking for a shave that won’t hurt those chops? Get a trimmer with precision blades and a cooling system like the JRL FreshFade 1040 Professional Clipper, P7,800 (or 3 payments of 2,600.00 with 0% interest when you check out with Atome). Its state of the art design will give you that 007 look. 


Need to frame your face? Try the goatee with a bushy beard, while leaving most of your cheeks bare. There certainly will be a fair amount of upkeep to maintain its shape so we recommend using a beard balm to ensure those strands stay on point. Go for the American Crew Beard Balm, P1,300, made with almond oil and Shea butter to make sure your strands look healthy and keep bristles tightly close to the face. 



Short of a Fininho Mustache, this stash is sensational. It adds character without taking itself too seriously. It’s a chic look for a man with a summer tan with its gradient fade at the ends and very modern narrowed lines. 


You’ll be doing a fair amount of shaving to ensure the look stays neat and clean. Make sure you protect the money maker with American Crew Precision Shave Gel, ₱ 1,620, a non-foaming gel designed for an accurate shave for normal or thin beard types. Best of all, it's perfect for clean shaves with aloe vera that lessens irritation.


Do you fancy yourself a God of War or Norse Viking? Either way, we say it’s time to sport this warrior look. A thick viking or spartan beard is a great addition to your game. 

A Viking beard is generally more trimmed on the sides and long in the chin area and goes well with narrow faces.


Spartan beards on the other hand have more volume. The beard concentrates on the chin, similar to a goatee, but has a squarer finish. Its characteristics bring a more angular, square and elongated look and it goes well with rounder features. 

Viking beard with tattoo in faceViking with tattoo in body

Don’t be caught with a grimy beard. Get an American Crew Beard Foam Cleanser, P1,300. A leave-in beard cleanser, it’s easy to use with its quick absorbing dry foam that keeps the beard clean and free of daily residue.


If you already have a full beard and are not ready to part with any of it then a The Low Custer or Boxed Beard is for you. It frames the face with a long uniform trim underneath. Best of all it’s easy to maintain just even out the strands so it doesn’t need a lot of shaping.


One essential product you need in your arsenal of beard care would be an oil based moisturizer like American Crew Beard Serum, P,1300, specially designed for beard care, with beneficial oils that instantly condition and keep the beard soft and well-groomed. 

So what kind of beard game will you be sporting in 2022? Share your beard looks with HairMNL.  For more about beard care visit HairMNL’s special collection of beard grooming products.

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