Chroma Absolu: Our Best Range For Coloured Hair

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Many women color their hair but a lot of them are concerned about damage. Kerastase’s Chroma Absolu has your back.
Different women and different hair styles
It’s empowering to take control and change up your look for yourself. Coloring your hair to reflect your personality gives you the power to express your true self. Whether you’re going for a glossy balayage or a fiery red, Chroma Absolu will provide the care.
Deal With Colour Damage
When it comes to coloring services, many are concerned about damage. Hair color can be a stressful process for your strands and yet it is the #1 service in salons. Having a haircare range designed to make hair feel stronger, nourished, and hydrated helps to deal with this concern and is the key to unlocking a whole world of color changes. Enter: Chroma Absolu, Kératase’s newest range that has been expertly formulated for anyone who loves to color their hair.
Chroma Absolu Blue hair
Chroma Absolu is a new way to treat colored hair at home. It’s a reviving acidic treatment that respects the hair fiber whilst helping to reduce the porosity of the hair and leaving it feeling nourished, smooth, and soft. This new way of treatment empowers those who love to color their hair to take charge of their color journey by providing you with the care you need. 
chroma absolu curly hair
Meet Chroma Absolu 
Chroma Absolu deeply respects the hair fiber, intensively nourishing your hair and helping to preserve a vibrant color for longer while ensuring ultimate shine and bounce. What’s great is that all hair types can benefit from this color care range.
meet chroma absolu
So, you may be wondering, what does sensitized or damaged hair look like? You may notice changes in texture such as color-induced frizz, dullness, and rough texture. Colour can fade quicker due to increased fiber porosity and hair oxidation can occur leading to unwanted red and copper tones emerging. It will behave differently too, hair that is sensitized or damaged may take longer to blow-dry and style. Informed by science, Chroma Absolu is powered by a trio of powerful healing acids that supports you and your hairdresser in keeping your color-treated hair looking healthy and its best for longer.
rose gold, neon pink hair
Tried and Tested
 Our most innovative and effective color care range to date, Chroma Absolu was put through 14 instrumental tests, as well as a consumer test with more than 65 women. With regular use, hair is up to 96% stronger*, has up to 74% more shine**, and has up to 6 weeks of color preservation. *** Chroma Absolu doesn’t just take care of your colored hair; it empowers you to be who you want to be.
*Instrumental test. 21 applications of Bain and Fondant vs first day of color. **Instrumental test. Compared to before treatment with Bain. *** Instrumental test. Soin Acide and Serum vs classic shampoo with sensitized hair.
Tried and Tested: Chroma Absolu

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