Stress & Hair fall: What You Need to Know

Wonder what hairstylists think about hair fall? Watch as pro hairstylist Joseph Aballe walk beauty content creator Iman Cristal through her hair fall problems, and in the process help you diagnose your concerns as well.

When we see hair on the floor, that doesn’t automatically need to be cause for panic. In this interview with Joseph Aballe, he says

“8/10 women experience hair fall... and normally, we lose 100-150 strands of hair per day. But of course it would be funny to actually count the number of strands on the floor per day”

Short of counting each strand, his advice, if you notice more than the usual hair fall on the floor then it is best to get started on pro hair care. 

There are many kinds of hair fall and knowing what kind you have is essential to finding the right remedy. Hair fall caused by stress, diet, and even hormonal changes can affect our body especially our skin and hair. But some hair fall problems are a result of severe damage. Cut at the strands, brittle hairs are susceptible to breakage. That is why it’s essential to have both a scalp and strands that are healthy and strong.

So how do you keep hair healthy from root to the tip? He recommends using pro hair care to solve those concerns. Try Kérastase Genesis Anti-Hair Fall Set, with two routine sets for fine hair and thick hair. The potent formula is packed with all the good things your hair needs. Each set comes with a specialized routine from shampoo, condition or mask, serum and protection. Learn more about it here. 

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