Does THAT Time of the Month Affect Your Hair? Find Out Here!

Skin breakouts, cravings, changes in mood, and feeling more fatigued than usual – these are only a few of the things that women experience before and during their monthly visit from Aunt Flo. Because of this, you can say that periods may have something to do with everything in or on your body – and, yes, that includes your hair. 

Now I know it may sound unusual at first because, really, why would something that’s going on down there affect whatever’s going on at the top of your head? But doctors have proved to us that periods can be the culprit of your monthly hair concerns. This can be interesting so read on to discover more about how your hair can change as you get your period! 

Period affect your hair

How Do Periods Affect Your Hair?

In an interview with Refinery29*, dermatologist Sophia Kogan, MD, of Nutrafol explains that we mostly think of our skin to be the most reactive to the hormonal changes we experience before and during a menstrual cycle, but it may have not crossed our minds that these hormonal changes can definitely affect the scalp and hair also. So, the main question is: what could happen to your hair during your period?

Hair is Oilier

According to a trusted menstrual health resource and period tracker app, Clue, your scalp naturally produces oil and this oil just sits on your scalp – totally normal, right? But when your period comes, your body starts to produce the luteinizing hormone, which generates a great amount of oil, leaving you with twice the amount of oil on your scalp and hair.** As a result, you’ll have greasy locks until your period ends!

Scalp is More Sensitive

During your period, Dr. Kogan adds that you also start producing high levels of the hormone that increases pain sensitivity – prostaglandin.*** She explains that that causes your skin to be a bit (or a lot) more sensitive than usual! But remember, your scalp is still a part of your skin, so your scalp can also be more sensitive. This may also explain why your usual hair care routine would suddenly become irritating to your scalp and hair. 

Hair is Falling More Than Usual

Dr. Kogan shares that as you’re about to have your period in a few days, your estrogen hormones will drop to its lowest level.**** And as your estrogen levels drop, so do some of your strands. Everyone experiences hair shedding, at least a couple of strands, but if there are more strands falling out than usual, then it may be because of your period hormonal changes. 

Having said all that, do keep in mind that these hair changes may or may not be applicable to you. We are all unique and different from each other, so our bodies and hair would be reacting differently to our hormonal changes!

Hair Care Tips for When You’re On Your Period

  • Avoid tight hairstyles (e.g. ponytails, buns, braids) so you don’t hurt the scalp and pull out strands
  • Avoid, or at least lessen, doing anything with your hair that involves chemicals and heat. This can save you from experiencing scalp pain and sensitivity.

For Oily Hair

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For Sensitive Scalps

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For Treating Yourself to a Relaxing Experience

During your period, you might feel a little more stressed, anxious, and tired. So, what better way to treat yourself than to indulge in hair masks that will help you feel refreshed?

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Hormonal changes can sometimes be bothersome because of how your hair ends up looking, but periods are natural and they come and go. So what’s a couple of “Bad Hair Days” when you can have the rest of the month to have “Good Hair Days”? What’s important is that you’re always gentle and kind to your strands, as well as your scalp!

For any hair concerns or questions, you can send us a message to avail of our FREE consultation with hair experts!

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