6 Popular Skincare Ingredients that Are Rocking the Hair Care World

Have you “skinified” your hair care routine? Known as hair skinifcation, this evolving trend is a way of approaching strand care by adding skincare grade ingredients, like micellar,  niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and more, to formulas normally reserved for skincare. 
But how do these affect your strands and what products contain them? Just remember that these ingredients may be the same but the formulation for your hair and skin are different. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it in our hair education deep dive below.
Hair skinifcation
Niacinamide for Hair Fall Protection
In a skincare routine, Niacinamide is used to improve hydration and reduce moisture loss. For your hair, it has another benefit. This form of vitamin B-3 protects against environmental damage - great for hair care designed to help grow and strengthen hair with some scalp circulation boosting properties. Better still, it improves body, suppleness, sheen of your strands.
You’ll see products like the sulfate-free Davines Energizing Shampoo: For Fragile, Thinning Hair, that contain niacinamide to help with scalp blood circulation to treat hair fall. It’s also in serums like Kérastase Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Serum, that helps to address both hair fall and strand breakage. 
Hyaluronic Acid for Moisture Retention
Hyaluronic Acid for Moisture Retention
Hyaluronic acid is a raved skincare ingredient and for good reason! As a humectant — or a molecule that helps hold on to moisture — it’s the perfect remedy for  dry skin. The same goes for hair. Able to lock in moisture from follicle to strand, Hyaluronic Acid formulated in shampoos, conditioners, masks and serums, help banish frizz and target thirsty strands, protecting them from becoming brittle and from breaking. 
You’ll see it in pro hair care solutions for damaged and bleached hair like Kérastase Blond Absolu Line. This purple toning and blonde care ritual is designed to prevent moisture loss for bleached hair. 
But don’t think it’s just made for blondes! In fact products like the Davines Replumping Hair Filler Superactive: Replumping and Compacting Fluid contains this deeply hydrating and protecting ingredient made for all hair types.
Peptides for Strand Strength
A short-chain of amino acids, peptides are a brilliant component in any skincare routine as they help produce collagen, elastin, and keratin, the building blocks of both skin and hair. For skin, they prevent premature aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while on hair, these small proteins prevent breakage by increasing moisture and making your hair thicker.
Try Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Treatment, with it’s potent formulas that includes peptides to nourish, restructure and repair hair from the inside out. It does so by helping to replenish the inner structure with renewed elasticity, resurfacing cuticles for remarkably healthy-looking hair with a soft silky feeling.
Micellar For Gentle & Effective Cleansing
Micellar is a game changer in the skincare routines of many. A popular ingredient in cleansers and make-up removers, it is an effective water based solution to remove impurities without stripping skin of moisture. Now imagine what it can do for you dry hair! 
It’s becoming a huge component of gentle hair cleansers that offer hydration and and color protection so that strands are cleaned without feeling dry. Cleansers like Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Keratin Smooth Perfect Micellar Shampoo and the sulfate-free Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Micellar Shampoo bring scalp and strands to an optimal ph level for clean and healthy hair. 
Vitamin E for Antioxidant & UV Protection
Vitamin E for Antioxidant & UV Protection
Among the many “skinified” products designed for hair, Vitamin E has been around the longest. It helps with the overall health of your skin and hair as it contains antioxidants that improve its structure. Additionally, when it’s applied topically like in a lotion or hair oil, it can reduce UV damage. 
We recommend using a hair oil like, L'Oréal Huile Original Mythic Oil, a multi-benefit heat protectant oil, with argan oil and vitamin E that protect strands while keeping frizz at bay. 
Salicylic Acid for Scalp Exfoliation 
Salicylic acid has been a staple treatment for acne by helping the skin to shed dead cells from the top layer and decreasing redness and swelling. In a similar manner, this ingredient is beneficial for dandruff treatments - it helps shed and strip the epidermis to prevent dandruff from occurring. Try AVEDA Pramāsana™Purifying Scalp Cleanser, a plant-based product that creates a clean scalp foundation for beautiful hair. Scalp is left invigorated and refreshed. 
Now that you know what skincare ingredient can be good for your hair, time to explore our selection of targeted pro hair care. Browse through our product categories above and find the solution that works for you. Not sure what you need? Message us, our experts are here to help. 

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