Here’s How You Can Turn Your Baby Hairs Into A Hot Look

Ever notice those thin, fly-away, fine hair strands growing on your temples? Thinking about it, there are only two ways to decide how this will go– either we despise them or turn them into a creative masterpiece. 
It’s time we start appreciating our baby hairs by using them as a tool to elevate our style. Yes, you heard us right –Style. Because twirling your baby hairs around your forehead is the new IT game. The fashion icon used in runways, Vogue, and maybe even that Avant Garde look you’ve been dreaming of trying. 
Baby Hair / Bangs Style
Source: Marie Claire 
But why exactly is it turning into a hot hair trend? Aside from the unmistakable retro comeback, this is one of the easiest ways to walk in style but made manageable and accessible. So rather than slicking them back and trying your hardest to hide them, you can own your baby hair and turn them into effortless style!
How about we introduce a few of your favorite celebrities doing this to make you jumpstart your baby hair-style journey?
Nadine Lustre
nadine lustre
We can’t forget the style icon of the Philippines! Nadine Lustre has been known for keeping her look both classy and occasionally edgy. From her spectacular wavy brunette hair to styling her baby hair for that sophisticated touch, she’s one to outshine many and might be one of the best to pull off this trend. Maybe it’s the medium-length cut with layers and waves, but her baby hairs fixate her face like a morena greek goddess!
Pia Wurtzbach
Pia wurtzbach
Our darling Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach. A walking fashion statement that never fails to flaunt her healthy gorgeous hair, we just can’t get enough of her going entirely over the rails for that grunge-inspired look. She adds an iconic look with that one hair strand looped on her temple and a voluminous wavy haircut. 
Considered one of the leading style icons that can pull off any style from the hair evolution lookbook, she has gone bob and rocked curls, but pairing her hairstyle with a sleek wisp to style her strands in a looping motion is setting her bar of fashion way high up. She attends her event with a pixie cut sweptback in a clean movement, and those baby hairs add a high-fashion touch. 
Source: Pinterest
Fashion icon Riri has been the queen of inspiring hair trends that anyone can easily access and enjoy. From color-textured bangs to red curls, she is one to mind her talk and walk the talk, where even tiny baby hairs are given a role in her looks. With her simple half updo and edgy wavy haircut, she keeps her baby hair strands flawless on her temples. This structures her face into looking fresh yet ready for any pictorial on her way.  
Now you may be wondering, where exactly do we start? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.
1. To hold that baby hair loop, we suggest using a Davines This is a Strong Dry Wax: For Defined Matte Textures, P1,350, to keep that curl in place for the rest of the day. Don’t fear strong wax because this Paraben-free product leaves no residue and has a firm hold on your hair strands.

2. Another fixing power is the Davines This is an Extra Strong Hairspray, P1,295, which leaves your baby hair elastic and natural. It captures the style you leave on your strands and gives it a little Miss Universe touch!

davines hairspray

3. Not a fan of hairspray? No problem, because the Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Big Blast Volumizing Gel 200ml, P1,200, is lightweight and can bring texture to your hair. It’s one of the best-performing styling products and can pull off most of tomorrow’s trends. It’s non-sticky and lifts your roots. 


4. If you want another option, you can never go wrong with the Award Winning Davines This is a Shine Wax, P1,350; you’ll leave your Zendaya-inspired hairstyle glossy sleek, and structured. 

Davines shine wax

Would you like to give this hot trend a try? Make sure to check our product recommendations above and the entire styling collection here.
And just in case it doesn’t work to your taste, send us a message, and we can give you a free consultation.

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