Dune Red Carpet Looks to Tide You Over Until the Sequel

With theaters slowly reopening, we can look forward to watching on the big screens again. But aside from the big screens, this means that movie premieres are back in the game too. To commemorate the return of the big screens in the country, let’s look back at the recent red-carpet and movie looks of star-studded movie “Dune”. Check out the A-lister celebrities’ looks below!

1. Timothée Chalamet

Leading our list is Timothee Chalamel who at 25 years old plays the 15 year old Paul Atreides. His hair plays a crucial role in creating his princely look, with boyish locks culled along a textured mane. According to “Dune”’s head of hair and makeup, Donald Mowat, Timothee Chalamet’s hair had a life of its own. To the point that the director jokingly mentioned how he had to direct both Timothée’s and his hair.
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Timothée Chalamet
Source: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

 2. Oscar Isaac

When posters were released, the internet broke out about Oscar’s ashy gray hair with beard. But his red carpet look is something as well. His striking slicked back hair gives a clean-cut look. He adds a wavy touch to the front of his hair, giving him volume and thicker looking locks.

Oscar Isaac
Source: Getty Images Europe

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3. Zendaya

Recently crowned by the CFDA as the youngest Fashion Icon to date, Zendaya continues to stun it with her slew of stunning red carpet looks. Her latest red carpet look for “Dune” gives a goddess-like feel with that sci-fi look. With her sleek and frizz-free look matched with her draping white gown, we were immediately reminded of a modern and stylish take on Princess Leia. She really said sci-fi but make it fashion.

Source: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

  4. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa’s trademark look includes his curls and his beard. But while we saw him beardless thanks to Dune, his curls are still looking remarkable on and off the red carpet. With his dark hair lengths colored in blonde, his curls looked rugged and unruly.
Jason Momoa
Source: Karwai Tang/WireImage
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  5. Javier Bardem

In the movie, Bardem’s overall look is characterized by this one thing – his beard. Regardless of all the sand dust and wind going on, his thick dark beard looked well-kept and groomed for the most part. But unlike in the movie, Bardem sported a salt and pepper beard. Inspired to groom your beard lush like his? We’ve got our beard grooming collection to find all you need for your beard care.
 Javier Bardem
Source: GQ

  6. Rebecca Ferguson

Let’s talk about how Rebecca graced us with her stylish braids on the red carpet. She’s  got two braids going on, one on each side of her head. As a finishing touch, it’s pinned up at the back of her head, letting the braids crown her head. Did you hear something drop? We think that’s the sound of the crown dropping because she looks every bit of a queen.
Rebecca Ferguson
Source: Jeff Spicer/Stringer

7. Josh Brolin

Like Bardem, Brolin also featured a groomed frosty beard in the movie. But that’s not what stole the look – it was his cropped, nearly shaved dark hair that was striking. His hair made him look fierce, especially with his build, matching his character known as a strong fighter. But unlike his character, he looked charming in his styled grizzly hair at the Venice Film Festival. 

Josh Brolin

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Whether in the movie or on the red carpet around the world, these celebrities sure know how to own their styles their way. If you’ve tried out any of the styles inspired by the stars, tag us on Instagram or Tiktok so that we can see them! For more hair trend articles like this, check our Tousled Magazine.

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