What Is The Future of Hair Health & Self-Care After Quarantine?


With the extended community quarantine being lifted in some areas across the Philippines, many are wondering what our definition of hair health and self-care would be like after lockdown. The last few months have certainly changed us, but it has also taught us some essential lessons about our hair habits in the future. So as we approach a loosening of certain quarantine restrictions, here’s what we can likely expect.
Ordering Online for Hair Hygiene Essentials

Ordering Online for Hair Hygiene Essentials 

In the last few months, one of the most integral services that have emerged has been the direct delivery of hygiene essentials. These methods decrease your general risk of exposure to the virus, encourage physical distancing while expanding your selection of hair products beyond what is readily available at brick and mortar shops. Now more than ever, direct delivery of hair hygiene essentials is important in keeping you safe and healthy.

Frequent Showers and Disinfection

Vigilance in the face of the pandemic has caused us to be extra careful about our personal hygiene. With the virus suspected to survive on objects for hours to days at a time including your hair, the emphasis has been placed not just on handwashing but on multiple daily showers as well. We understand that the safest way to respond to this virus is to continually keep your body clean including your hair. 

Ready Your Close Ups For Video Calls And Social Distancing Parties

Video Calls And Social Distancing Parties
Physical distancing and work from home remain one of the top social activities to likely remain after the lockdown. So close-ups will probably matter more now, as this is the only thing visible from you during video conferencing for work or it’s social distancing birthday parties. 

Continue To Focus On Self-care

You may be working from home, but we recognize challenges that come with this situation. Hair health is deeply tied to your mental and physical health, more so with pandemic looming heavily on our minds. That is why we encourage self-care during this time. Whether it’s giving yourself, a hair spa at home or just taking your time in the shower to have some personal time during the day. 

Conditioning and Moisturizing Your Hair 

Conditioning and Moisturizing Your Hair
Don’t skip the conditioner. Increased showers to sanitize your hair can dry them out. Don’t scrimp on this hair hygiene essential (gentlemen this includes you too). You can also consider hair masks as weekly treatments if you don’t have the time to condition daily. 

Get More Out Of Every Bottle

There has been a shift in our priorities since the quarantine began. We’ve come to value hard-working multi-benefit hair care products because you want to see actual results from products that are responsive to their needs. Instead of having a battalion of single benefit products, get multi-benefit ones.
Hair Hygiene Essentials To Prioritize During the Quaren-times

Everything’s Personal

To lessen the risk of exposure to the virus, you may begin to see more and more people bring their own brushes, nail kits, and even towels to the salon. This is only to be expected as people want to feel safe using their own personal hygiene kits. 
Interested in building your own, check out browse through our selections here. 

Salons To Operate With Strict Health Protocols

Salons have become an integral part of our community, but they also carry a huge responsibility in ensuring public safety. When the time comes that salons are allowed to operate again, we are certain that strict health protocols will be set in place.  These could include temperature checks at the door, disclosures of recent travel history, hairstylists tasked to wear full personal protective
equipment, and a decrease in the number of clients salons accept per day. In this way, they are able to offer their services while still providing some peace of mind. 
Much is bound to change in coming months, but with a little preparation, a lot of vigilance, and a sustained value for self-care, we believe together we can weather life in this new normal. 

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