Educator Spotlight: Nicole Santos for HairMNL Academy Workshops by MUD Studio x HairMNL

Meet Nicole Santos - a celebrity stylist and a licensed cosmetologist from California, USA.

Nicole, also known as "Your Hair Mama" on Instagram, is part of the team of educators at HairMNL Academy Workshops by MUD Studio x HairMNL. With over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry, she specializes in various hair color techniques and has attracted a roster of influencer and celebrity clients.

Her journey began with MAC Cosmetics, where she honed her skills in hair and makeup for weddings before pursuing formal education in beauty. After successfully passing her board exam, she earned her status as a licensed cosmetologist.

Nicole Santos or "Your Hair Mama"

Nicole's roots in the hair industry go back to before she was even born – her grandmother, a skilled hairstylist, used her craft to relocate her family to America. Growing up in a salon, Nicole swept floors and occasionally entertained clients. Despite this, she initially pursued a nursing career in college, even working part-time in an ambulance. Soon, she realized her true calling was to create a meaningful impact through hair.

Now, Nicole specializes in the ABCs of hair color. She puts her clients first and customizes color techniques to achieve shades that will flatter their skin tones. What makes her style exceptional is that her placement of color is specific to her client’s head shape and lifestyle, so they can have a natural lived-in look. Her lived-in hair color technique results in a low-maintenance appearance, allowing for longer periods between touch-ups. 


@yourhairmama on Instagram 

Nicole’s personalized approach to hair color has garnered her a celebrity and influencer clientele. Among her regulars are prominent names like Megan Young, Bing Loyzaga, Bea Fabregas, Janine Gutierrez, Ruffa Guttierez, Nina Cabrera, Gabs Gibbs, Chi Gibbs, and many others.

Her Teaching Philosophy

After Nicole moved back to Manila, she became inspired to share her knowledge with her colleagues in the hair industry. She believes that by teaching others, she can help them advance their careers and perform better at work.

Her approach to teaching revolves around getting hands-on and experiencing the craft firsthand. She understands that as a hairstylist, you truly learn by doing - by getting your hands dirty and giving it a shot.

Her Advice to Aspiring and Current Stylists

Nicole’s tip? Just dive in and get started. She explains, “Hairdressing is underrated. This skill guarantees a lifelong job that won’t ever replace you. It gives you so many opportunities for financial growth, connections, and providing a genuine way for someone to show self-care to themselves.”

HairMNL Academy Workshops by MUD Studio in Collaboration with HairMNL

Whether you're a seasoned stylist looking to improve your craft or a beginner with a passion for hair artistry, HairMNL Academy Workshops by MUD Studio in Collaboration with HairMNL might be for you. Our classes are designed to enhance your skills and set you on the path to real-world success.

In Nicole’s classes, she aims for students to finish the course feeling confident and ready to take on any hair color situation and using any color line. She says, “I want to offer a space for my students to feel valued and empowered to thrive as hairstylists and inspire continuous growth for our work and life.” Catch Nicole in Basic Hair Color, Masters Color Melting & Balayage, and Personal Styling Classes.

View our full class schedule here and register for your slot. Registration is ongoing. Classes will be held at HairMNL Studio, Unit 204, The Vantage at Kapitolyo.

For more information, email or contact Ycar at 09171801133. 

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